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  1. I received this email from Ford regarding the vehicle Health Reports. Anyone know more about it? Seems like another way for Ford to charge customers for access to the information through a dealer. View Online Owner Site Vehicle Health Report FAQ Hi (myname), We'd like to thank you for registering this email to receive complimentary Vehicle Health Reports for your 2013 Ford Edge. We hope that you have enjoyed this service that we've offered over the years to Owners of 2008 - 2016 Model Year Ford SYNC®-equipped vehicles. Unfortunately, the necessary decision has been made to discontinue this service and we want to make sure that you're aware of how this impacts your receipt of the reports. Consistent with theTerms & Conditions in the user agreement and starting August 1st, 2018, this change will result in the following:Vehicle Health Information will no longer be sent through the mobile phone associated with this account Vehicle Health Reports will no longer be sent to this Email Vehicle Health Reports will no longer be available on the Ford Owner website For more information regarding this change, including alternative ways to obtain Vehicle Health information, please review this Frequently Asked Questions page on the Ford Owner site. Again, we appreciate you taking advantage of this complimentary service that we've brought to Ford Owners over the years and want you to know that you can still take advantage of the many technology features available in your vehicle. If you are not already aware of these features, click here and select the Year, Make, and Model of your vehicle to find out what options are available. Thank you for being a member of our Ford family and we look forward to our next opportunity to serve you!
  2. harlanhml

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Picked vehicle up yesterday afternoon. Put some local miles on it then parked overnight in garage. GOOD NEWS. No fluid leak this morning. Hopefully this problem has been solved.
  3. harlanhml

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    Got a call from service yesterday telling me they are going to replace the seals with a newer version on the supposed new, maybe refurbished, PTU. Special tool need they tell me. Will be without out vehicle for awhile. Thankfully it is being covered under extended warranty.
  4. Had right front strut plate replaced at 98,000 miles under warranty. While at rest and turning the steering wheel slightly left/right a clicking or popping sound could be heard. They replaced the right side but I am not so sure the left side may be having the same issue. I can reach under the fender a put my hand on the top of the spring near the plate, turn the steering wheel and feel the spring "jump" which is the noise heard inside. More to follow after some more miles.
  5. harlanhml

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    UPDATE on PTU that was replaced 2 days ago. I got about 20 miles before the new PTU started leaking trans fluid in the garage. Leaking much more than it was when I took it in the first time to be replaced (98,000 miles). Just got back from dealer and looked at it on the rack. Fluid is leaking from the seal to the half shaft. What is the problem with these PTU parts? more to follow I am sure......
  6. harlanhml

    PTU drain plug drill and tap

    2013 Edge Limited with 98000 miles just had the PTU changed under extended warranty because of it leaking. Will see how the new one holds up.
  7. Problem was getting worse on my 3013 Edge Limited. Dealer replace the shift assembly lever and so far the problem has not re-occurred. Replace as per TSB referenced at the beginning of this thread. Done in less than 2 hours after dropping vehicle off at dealership. Covered under ESP warranty, $100 deductible. (edit+) Service writer informed me that he had another vehicle in the shop for the same problem that day.