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  1. I have a 2011 Ford Edge. The battery died a few weeks ago and was replaced with a new one. Ever since then I've noticed my Navigation is not working. The GPS sign with an X shows on the lower left side and shows me stuck in the same location no matter where I go. I've tried the following to no avail.. 1. Took out the SD card and reinserted. 2. Tried performing the Eject / lower arrow combination buttons to bring up the gps calibration but just keeps scrolling the FM stations. I read this trick on a few other threads but have tried numerous times with the same results. 3. Unscrewed the antenna and screwed it back in. 4. Unhooked the negative battery cable.. waited 1o minutes and hooked it back in to reset. Any other suggestions or is a trip to the dealership the only other option ? Thank you !
  2. Hello everyone.. looking to see if any one had some gallery's of Red Sox and Patriots wallpaper. I have a 2011 Edge so I believe the wallpaper size is 800x378 I searched a few places but not seeing I liked. Thanks in advanced.
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