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  1. Nothing to it. Very easy. Just make sure you don't leave the little button lying in the seat and put something on top of it then go to drive. Things will act crazy.
  2. So when you say you did the resonator delete and it sounded like a Honda at times, is that with a straight pipe in its place or is that with the thrush? Just making sure I understand correctly. Thanks
  3. Another option would be to smooth down the holes and heat mold a sheet of abs half way around the tube and silicon it in place. That sounds like more work than necessary but it might look a little better. Just an idea
  4. Hacksaw or dikes. Hopefully you haven't been waiting for someone to post how to remove them tho
  5. I agree with all that, I hope anything I said didn't let anyone think otherwise. I just got the impression that something I did was basically pointless. On that note, this topic has been beat to death. I am content with things now. Moving on
  6. That by reducing the air restriction would increase air flow to allow whatever air the engine wants to get to it? I've tried to do some research into this and haven't come up with anything that would lead me to believe that leaving the air box intact is better than removing it and putting a cone filter in its place from purely an air flow point of view. Is there some magic to forcing the engine to suck air in instead of readily supplying it with as much air as it could want? Enlighten me a little, that's why there are forums, right? At least I'm not saying that my mpg increased due to the weight removed from the airbox which it did by .008 mpg actually. Yeah that was a joke. Seriously, am I missing something here? I do realize that the air flow might have been optimal before my airbox extraction, which one would think was the case, but I don't think it is. Why else would anybody claim to increase HP by changing it up with a cold air intake which incidentally removes the airbox? Unless other factors are involved that they fail to discuss?
  7. Is this thing called air restriction all in my head?
  8. Lol no hornets nest here. I would like to know what it is you want to say. Pm me if you like. I've looked through the comments and it would seem you have a good grasp at what you are talking about so please, fire away.
  9. I will be replacing the middle muffler with a piece of pipe in a few weeks and post some before and after videos asap
  10. And I will look into an aem air filter. When I got the k&n I didn't bother researching other brands, mainly because I assumed they were the best and I already had the cleaner stuff. The airbox had to go tho, surely you have seen the size of the opening for air to come in. It's small, and while it may be cooler air than my current set up, it won't be when I'm done. And I most definitely will be putting some insulation on the inside of the heat shield as well as some weather stripping for against the hood. My next step tho is to get rid of the center muffler and I will be sure and use my little db meter to log the difference as well as some video footage. I know, there's another thread for that
  11. So what's with the idiom? Are you saying my efforts to improve airflow are pointless as it will have no effect on performance? Because I have a hard time believing it doesnt. I didn't say it improved performance because I have no evidence to prove it but it should be obvious it did. And when I say performance I'm referring to HP gain and nothing to do with mpg. Thanks for replying!
  12. Yeah akirby. Give some criticism. I'm all for it. And please if anybody would like to give me advice or their opinion I'd like to know it. Thanks
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    The seats fully recline also. And it is able to slide forward when seats are folded down to get to spare
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