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  1. Thanks for clarifying, I don't mind the amber running all the time just concerned On the amount of heat the resistors put off as they are always being used. I have them stuck to the side of headlight housing with double sided tape. They were not long enough to get to any metal frame peice. Should that be alright?
  2. Hey guys, After scouring the forums I found lots of material related to my question, but still slightly confused, so I was hoping someone could clear it up. I bought led switchbacks for my 2013 edge, I'm pretty sure there type two as they go amber off amber off. I have a Canadian edge so I got the drls switched over from the headlights to the parking/turn signal bulbs. Problem I have is that they don't run white during the day, they run amber, which means the resisters I installed are being used, and man do they get hot. I'm wondering if there's a way to make them run white during the day when the drls are on. Thanks
  3. Hey guys, so I was looking into an hid kit, found this one online http://www.carxenonhidkits.com/high-and-low-beam-9012-bi-xenon-hid-conversion-kit-with-slim-ballast-for-ford-edge-with-halogen-2013/ Talked to the guy and he said it'll work, I'm skeptical because I don't need a bi xenon right? There's only a single beam in there now? He assured me it'll work and that it'll also work with the drl as mine is a Canadian model. And advice?
  4. Why would so many places seem to think I need a duel beam? even some websites online want me to get a bi-xenon.
  5. Hi guys, after scouring the forums I've found some topics on what I'm looking for, but am still slightly confused. It seems like the headlights in my edge are a single beam(single filament) and use a shutter in the projector to change from high to low beams. But after visiting my local Canadian tire(best store in Canada) they seem to tell me that it's a duel beam light (dual filaments) that I need. Can anyone clear this up for me? Been looking at getting an hid kit but then it would seem I need a bi-xenon? Thanks in advance
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