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  1. All Hat No Cattle

    latest nav card

    So I just updated the '17 Edge Map from NA 2 20 to NA 2 21, by doing the free download instead of spending $40 for the USB thumb drive from Ford. They give you detailed instructions for the download, and how to transfer it to your thumb drive. I had one typo in the filename and it would not load. After finding and fixing my mistake, it loaded into the Edge with no problem. The installation instructions are the same for your own drive or if you order one from Ford. Now the important part, what did it cost? The initial cost was $243 for 5 years, with the USB drive from Ford, see receipt above. The receipt below shows the cost for the download I just installed, 3 downloads left.
  2. All Hat No Cattle

    latest nav card

    Just received another e-mail from Ford on the Nav update. They have the 5-year rate again.
  3. All Hat No Cattle

    latest nav card

    I don't know if this is still available, but in Dec. 2021 Ford sent me this offer. For $243 I got a subscription for Nav updates for 5 years. I paid extra for the USB update, it was cheaper if you do OTA updates. I did it for the 2017 Edge and my 2016 F-150. That is actually cheaper than the clone if you do it annually. I cut out my personal stuff, but here is one receipt. If interested, contact Ford or ALOM to see if that is still available.
  4. This showed up today, and when I searched it on here it looks like some people that paid for this repair might get some relief from Ford. See page 2.
  5. All Hat No Cattle

    Not Edge, but Ford

    Just two examples of why you should not take investment advice from a vehicle forum. 😀 And this is in the middle of a pandemic! https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2020/10/28/ford_s-strong-q3-higher-demand-operating-execution.html
  6. All Hat No Cattle

    Mobil 1 oil rebate program

    In the interest of accuracy, I believe that you did not read my post about Costco closely. That $26.99 is the total cost for 10 quarts, including shipping to your doorstep. So for $.99 more than Walmart/Rebate, you can have it delivered. It is $24.99 for 10 quarts at my Costco, when it is not on sale. Walmart Mobil 1, even with their occasional rebate, is still $12.99 for 5 quarts, $25.98. So it is cheaper at Costco, and you do not have to waste time and maybe postage, on a rebate. We've all done it, I prefer not to. As for choice of viscosity, my Edge and my F-150 use 5w30, readily available at Costco. And when Costco has a sale, well....
  7. All Hat No Cattle

    Mobil 1 oil rebate program

    Are you guys aware that Costco now sells a Kirkland well-rated full synthetic oil for $27.00 for 10 quarts, delivered? It is even cheaper in the store. https://www.costco.com/kirkland-signature-5w-30-full-synthetic-motor-oil-5-quart,-2-pack.product.100527865.html
  8. All Hat No Cattle

    Traffic Icons in Sync 3 Nav Screen

    Thank you, I just tried it and you are 100% correct. I could decipher 4 different icons in my area today. Now, I still would like to see this printed somewhere, so that I can know what all 12 icons mean. If they don't show up on the screen, you don't know what they could be. 12 different types of traffic incidents? Yikes.
  9. Does anyone know where to find what the Traffic Icons in Sync 3 mean? The reason I ask is that I have the Icons enabled, and pretty much ignored them until Thursday. I was following my GPS to a place about 12 miles away, when the GPS went nuts. It started telling me to go on all local roads instead of the I-515 Interstate, and it lit up icons all over the screen. So I ignored it, and headed for the Interstate. Big mistake. It was rush hour, and I-515 had a major accident, and traffic was screwed. Finally got to my destination, taking twice as long as it should have taken. So I realized that I had no clue as to what all those Icons actually meant. The Sync 3 manual says this: So where does it show what these 12 icons actually mean? I've been searching since Thursday, no luck. Here are 2 pics that show the different icons, and the only one I'm sure of is the shovel, LOL.
  10. Well, you should have. Drumpf (real name) is a genius at conning a certain class of low intelligence, low information voters. But even though he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes, because we are not a true Democracy, he was able to con enough people to help him win the Electoral College, barely. But Mitt Romney said it best. Drumpf is the Bernie Madoff of politics. Look up Bernie, he is the guy that made-off (LOL) with about $50 Billion, yes Billion, of rich people's money in a huge Ponzi scheme. Here is where the Stupid comes in. Both Madoff and Drumpf thought that they could get away with it, because they are so smart. Well, Madoff is currently serving a 150 year sentence. He is now 80 years old. https://www.cnn.com/2013/03/11/us/bernard-madoff-fast-facts/index.html And now Drumpf? Well, if you listen to the MSM for the facts, you will note that: Drumpf thought that he could get away with his numerous criminal activities, and no one would do anything about it because he conned his way into the Presidency. Big mistake, really big, really stupid, mistake. The indictments and guilty pleas have just started, like any criminal investigation, you start with the little fish and work up to the whale. But you would have to follow MSM to realize that. So sad.
  11. And here we go. If anyone thinks that tariffs on aluminum and steel won't affect prices, then you have to believe that Ford is going to eat the material price increases it predicts. Don't take my word for it, see what the CEO of Ford says, today. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-26/ford-ceo-says-trump-s-metals-tariffs-took-1-billion-in-profits Edit: Please listen to the whole video, to hear how Lincoln prices have gone up 25% in China, and what that did in Kentucky.
  12. Well, I can only give you my opinion on that , and it is a definite "who knows", LOL. I believe that the only certainty is that if these tariff wars continue, the price increase on vehicles will be very noticeable, and will vary greatly with the vehicle. Since the Edge is made in Canada, well, this might be what you can look forward to. Do the math, and then think about the last part of your quote. https://money.cnn.com/2018/07/02/news/companies/auto-tariffs/index.html https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2018/07/03/car-prices-trump-auto-tariffs/745342002/
  13. I like the way that this thread has been polite. The only reason I'm chiming is is because of 2 things in the news today. The first is to the OP's point. The Wall Street Journal has an article today saying that Alcoa Aluminum is asking the government to give Canada and other countries exemptions from the tariffs. I never knew that Alcoa imports 20% of the aluminum it uses from outside the US. For real. Wow. So, yes, I would expect vehicle prices to go up, especially the F series trucks and autos with aluminum in them. (Everybody) Sorry for no link, you have to be a WSJ subscriber to access. The second thing in today's news is that Trump's lawyers are recommending that he not talk to Special Prosecutor Mueller. Why? Everyone knows that if you have not committed a crime you should not be afraid to answer law enforcement questions. I'm not. Now I completely believe in the 5th Amendment. People should not be forced to incriminate themselves. But I've seen the videos of Trump and General Flynn both saying that usually only guilty people plead the 5th. Do they no longer believe that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMyh7ko9L2g What in the world did Trump do that he is afraid to discuss with law enforcement??
  14. All Hat No Cattle

    extended warranty need help!

    Interesting, but a couple of quick questions. Did the on-line dealers include Flood Ford and Ziegler Ford? You were fortunate in finding a reasonable dealer, remember, in Post 1 the OP was quoted $2700, NON-NEGOTIABLE. What does taking the vehicle to the dealer for service consist of? Does that prevent you from doing any of your own service forever? Does that mean you can't change your own engine air filter, or cabin air filter? Just curious.
  15. All Hat No Cattle

    extended warranty need help!

    FWIW, on the F-150 forum, https://www.f150forum.com/ with over 230,000 members, the consensus is that Flood Ford and Ziegler Ford are the absolute cheapest for Ford ESP warranties. I bought 2 from Ziegler. Shop around on-line.