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  1. I recently changed out my halogens for LED’s The dust covers I took off crumbled in my hands. Has anyone bought replacements and where did you buy them? Looked on FordParts.com But they show them as part of the assembly with the headlamps. any ideas welcome. 2016 Edge SEL 2.0
  2. oldtreker

    Rear Parking Distance Sensor

    Thanks you, Yes we had a accident in May and picked up the car at the end of June. Didn't notice any problems till last week when the beeper sounded when backing up. I found a photo I took at the shop, going to call them.
  3. I suggest that if your vehicle has several dings, you visit a local Dent Master before turn in time. That is what many dealers do to save time and money
  4. oldtreker

    Rear Parking Distance Sensor

    Thanks for the reply, very helpful. Now If I could find a source for the small round black rubber rings that insert into the bumber around the tip of the sensor. You would think the guy in the video would have cleaned the area first. LOL
  5. oldtreker

    Rear Parking Distance Sensor

    Both my rear distance sensors have become detached from the bumper facia. Its hard to tell from looking at new sensors how they are attached. Is anyone familiar with how these are installed. A body shop did have to work on the bumper in June now suddenly they are both loose in the same week Thanks Philip 2016 Edge SEL
  6. I remember my 59 Chevy 283 had a blow by tube near the crankcase. It always smoked at idle like most cars from that era
  7. oldtreker

    Black exaust tips

    The tips on my tailpipes are black from unburnt fuel. My gas mileage is good and I don't idle the motor before driving but my Nissan doesn't do this and it's a V6. Anyone else notice this. Thanks 2.0 ecoboost
  8. oldtreker

    2500 mile trip

    Costco gas is top tier.
  9. thanks I was trying to avoid the battery disconnect, don't want to reset everything.
  10. My remote start seldom works. I go thru the standard procedure and nothing happens. I do get the red LED on the fob but nothing else Checked the dash display and it's set to work for 10 minutes. Mine is a 2016 2.0. 5K miles Google shows older owners have this problem also. Thanks
  11. oldtreker

    Top likes/dislikes about 2016 Edge

    OK I tried it one more time open drivers door closed it walked towards the left rear door before I even touch the handle I could see the lights blink Hold on handle the door open right up I was thinking maybe the batteries on your remote are week
  12. oldtreker

    Top likes/dislikes about 2016 Edge

    It might have something with the engine running and the rear door locked. Are there child protective locks in the rear? When you exit the car with the motor running and close the front door does the horn blow?
  13. oldtreker

    Top likes/dislikes about 2016 Edge

    I just tried opening the rear door, key fob in pocket, engine running, drivers door open. Before I tried I was sitting in car motor running with doors locked. Rear door opened I first pull.
  14. oldtreker

    Top likes/dislikes about 2016 Edge

    Your problem may be the Bluetooth version on your phone. Perhaps it can be updated
  15. oldtreker

    Top likes/dislikes about 2016 Edge

    Like me coming from a Nissan you also noticed the weak headlights.