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  1. Hi all. We ended up trading in my wife's edge and went with an explorer. I have the 245/60r18 Bridgestone Blizzaks that were on it for last winter that have about 6-7K miles and are still like new. These are about $800 installed new, so you are saving almost 50% at $450. We had a ton of snow here in Michigan last year and with these tires my wife never once had an issue (her edge was front wheel drive). I haven't posted a lot in this forum (primarily used as a resource for reading when we had our edge) but you can find me on eBay under the same user id of jony51999 and you will see I've been a member since 2002 and have 100% feedback so you can be assured I'm trustworthy. I'm located in southeast Michigan and can be reached via the forum or at jony51999@aol.com
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    Hi everyone. My name is Jon. I am a long time Ford fanatic. I have recently bought my wife a 2007 Edge AWD SEL Plus to replace the Trailblazer which we are turning in this month. This is a phenomenal vehicle and I look forward to modifying it and making it even better than it already is. Nice to meet you all.
  3. Though I do not agree with unsafe driving habits including racing on the street, anyone who dare's to take a shot at this person for doing so should likely look in the mirror. Among the top causes of car accidents are drunk driving and of course, driver distractions, number one of which being cell phone use. I bet you have a cell phone and I bet you also use it while driving. If not, kudos to you, but likely, you are higher risk to the safety of others on the road than two middle aged men racing their SUV's at 100 mph speeds on an empty road.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but I do have a lot of experience with cars/trucks. If you have a slight drift or even what you may describe as a "pull," provided you have the means to, swap the front tires, move the passenger side to the driver side and visa versa. If this changes the drift or pull, you have a few possible causes. the first is what is known as a "radial tire pull," which is caused by the force created from the rotation of the tire. when radial tires are made, in rare cases, the belts are slightly off center, to the left or right of the desired position, but surely within spec. However, when you have a vehicle that has a good handling tuned suspension, you can sometimes notice this drift, it will not usually result in a lane changing pull though. Another option is the alignment. If the caster/camber is off, there can be a few issues. One is that the tire can wear irregularly, which will result in the tire pull. The next possibility is the just the caster being off, which can result in a drift as well, but should not impact the tire wear so much. These issues are able to be corrected through an alignment, but in some cases, the vehicle can be within spec, but still exhibit the issue, in those cases, it is sometimes necessary to adjust the side opposite the pull outside of spec to alleviate the pull, typically not resulting in adverse tire wear, but fixing the problem. Another rarer option is the brakes, rarely a caliper can be dragging ever so slightly on one side and cause a mild drift, which can be exacerbated by the crowned roads we have. Look for excessive brake dust on the wheel of the side the vehicle drifts to for this. Lastly, sometimes the road is simply the culprit. If you drive a specific route on a daily basis, try taking another route and see if it still occurs. Also, try to have someone else drive it with you, not telling them the issue you feel exists and see if they make a comment about it. This will let you know that you are not crazy or feeling something that is not there, which the dealer will sometimes tell you. A final note, although warranties are great and not paying to fix a problem is expected when you have a new vehicle, if you know a local independent shop with talented people, go to them and see if they can diagnose/remedy the issue. I cannot count the number of times our shop fixed problems that the dealer either could not or we were able to do it for a fraction of the cost, simply because we KNEW the actual problem, rather than just writing an estimate for every possible cause, figuring that would fix it.