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    Electrical-unlocking Randomly with lights on

    Update: I haven't changed the battery but I have got a steady issue now. Less hap-hazard. I grounded the door switch to never show door ajar(green/violet, NOT teal/violet). In doing that the car never knows to turn off the radio or center console when the driver gets out. The work around right now is opening the front passenger door hitting lock on the key fob then closing the passenger door. All lights go off and stay off or they seem to. I think the car not highlighting P when in park initially drained the car dead. I need to find someone with a SOLAR device to test the charge on the car. More questions: Is there another sensor in the door area that tells the car its more open? Because for a while we would have to open the drivers door ALL the way to get it to recognize door open. Which doesn't make sense to me but that's what I was having to do. Is there a Proximity sensor while its locked? For about 3 days the lights would only come on when a car drove by or we walked by it. (apartment complex) will the car unlock and turn lights on if the Key FOB battery is low? it doesn't seem low because it work from a great distance. I was kinda thinking that maybe the Key fob button was engaging but that would be awfully coincidental that it would do that everytime a car went by or a person walked near it. . I am going to place a reed switch inline for the door ajar issue once it warms up. Reed switch door side.
  2. I purchased a used 2011 Edge SEL 100K (but miles never scared me because I am pretty mechanical). I am feeling buyers remorse HARD! After test driving and no issues, just one thing after another now. I have had the car 35 days. I have already grounded the wire inside the Driver's door so that the Door Ajar issue is just eliminated. . The ISSUE: Dead battery this morning. Jumped it and let it run for about 10 min. (didn't know about the "Battery reset" this morning). Flash forward to 6pm Wife calls and says the interior lights are coming on as well as the tail lights,puddle lights, dash, center console, and the doors unlocked. Then all the lights would all go out randomly, or stay on for over an hour. Did the whole ordeal for the learn function (whatever the actual function was, I did it right, no more battery saver). Then drove for about 30 min. I no longer see the Battery save mode BUT I am still getting the lights and unlocking issue. . at first the I thought the original dead battery was from "not in park" issue. But we never got the warning "shift to park". The P would just not light up. And a couple finger bangs on the button fixed that. Thoughts please on main culprits? What could cause the lights to come on and unlock the doors? OH! I also noticed while in that dark with the lights off and doors locked the dash (speedo) would flicker and make a arcing sound but very very faint. . I just noticed the light on again and went out. wiggled and pushed and pulled the fuse box connectors that I could reach,blew compressed air in and around all the fuses twice. Seems a little dirty in there for a fuse box. I opened the drivers door all the way then closed and locked it up with the FOB and haven't seen the lights come back on in 2hrs. ODD!
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    any work around for door ajar issue

    dbender, What year Edge are you working on? And are you still happy with your fix months later?