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  1. Hello. I currently own a Black 2016 SE Edge and was looking into blacking out the car. I want to get my rims and grille black, and find black ford emblems. Also, I would like to purchase daylight lights, but do not know the cost of installation. I have found a pair on eBay but do not know if that will be good. Any tips from people that have blacked out their cars will be helpful. Thanks.

    Blacking out Grille

    Ok thanks everyone
  3. I was looking into purchasing daylight/fog lights for my 2016 SE since it did not come with them. If anyone else has done this do you have any recommendations and costs of the project. Thanks.
  4. Hey, I was looking into getting a keyless entry pad for my 2016 SE. Anyone know the price of the part and the installation? Thanks.

    Blacking out Grille

    I was looking into blacking out my grille, and was wondering how I could with the chrome/plastic. I would like to take it to a shop if I could

    Looking to replace stock rims

    I was looking to blacking out my rims, is there any way I could take the stock rims off the stock tires and putting new rims on the stock tires? If so, what size rims would I need to get. Thanks.