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    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    The main reason the Sport can't tow as much is due to the factory tow package adds a larger radiator, upgraded cooling fans, sway control, etc... Also, I have the 21" rims, so that probably would be a problem as well. I do believe the Draw-Tite hitch is the best hitch for the money. It looks like it was factory installed. The only thing I don't like about it is the center brace had to come off, so the lower bumper cover no longer has a solid mount. So far though, it hasn't been a issue.
  2. Austin

    2015 Edge Sport Towing

    The OEM hitch will not fit the Sport. I have the hidden hitch, and the height isn't an issue. I use a 2.5" rise ball mount. Keep in mind that towing capacity on the Sport is only 2,000 lbs (though some people push this limit somewhat). That being said, any 2,000 gross weight trailer isn't going to be very big. I tow a small utility trailer with 12" wheels, and tow a maximum weight of 1,500 lbs. The Sport works great for this, and the receiver height isn't an issue.
  3. Austin

    Second time Edge Owner

    Congratulations (again) and Welcome!
  4. Thanks MJB. I may do that, but for now, I'm going to keep searching to see if I can find another option.
  5. I looked at doing that, except the top two holes would be so close to the bumper, that it would mean drilling in to the bumper as well, as the screws would surely protrude into the bumper. I really don't want to put two more holes into the bumper.
  6. So I just got my new plates for my 2017 Sport, and I tried to use the two license plate frames that I purchased a week ago from Wal Mart. The one for the rear has a black plastic backing (to give the license plate solid surface, and black trim that fits over the top and covers up the for screws. Unfortunately this frame wouldn't fit, due to the rear camera being so close to the license plate. However, I really wanted to use this frame, so I trimmed out part of the frame with a Dremel, so that I could get it to work. This frame looks great; very clean and has a solid look to it. I also purchased a frame for the front which is a smoked cover for the plate and a black plastic trim piece for the edge. However, due to the way the bracket supplied by the dealer works, it only has mounting screws for the bottom of the plate, and the plate fits up in a set of clips that holds the top in place. But due to this design, the cover I purchased for the front won't work. For that matter, the one I purchased for the rear wouldn't work either, and I don't know what would. Does anyone else here that is forced to have a front plate mounted have a solution that I came up for a nice cover and/or frame that works for the front? If so, do you have pictures and can you supply the manufacturer of the frame?
  7. Austin

    2017 Ford Edge Sport Gas Mileage

    I've only done one fill-up since I purchased mine last week, but my MPG was 20.6 and 100% city driving. I expect to do a little bit better on the second tank, and it will most likely be 100% city as well. I should also mention that my previous vehicle to the Sport was a 2012 Toyota Prius, and I averaged 58 mpg p/tank, although I had several tanks that averaged 62 mpg. I mention this because I still find myself driving the Sport like I did in the Prius. In fact, I can't help but apply the brakes like I am regenerating energy back to the battery. Still, applying the same types of techniques to the Sport does help to achieve the best MPG.
  8. Post pictures of the installation when you are done. This is something I might like to do as well.
  9. Austin

    New Soon to be Edge Sport Owner

    I just picked up my Edge Sport yesterday, and I'm so happy that I got the 21" wheels. Not only do they give the Sport a very aggressive look, its the first set of wheels I've ever had that allowed me to easily clean the entire inside of the wheel and caliper. Even though I test drove a Sport, taking mine on a long drive today to test it on rough roads, curvy roads, etc... was very impressive! This is an incredible machine, and I must say that it excites me even more than when I picked up and drove off in my new 2001 Corvette. I have fallen in love all over again.
  10. Looking at the pictures, it doesn't look like the mud flags match up to the contours of the Sport very well. This is good to know, as I was considering these for my Sport, but after seeing the actual fit, I won't be getting them.
  11. Austin

    New member. eyeing a 2.7 ecoboost Edge

    So then to clarify, for the OP and myself, if you are getting a 2.7 (which is only available on the Sport), then the Towing Package isn't available. This means that you don't get the additional cooling needed in order to properly support towing 3,500 lbs. Your maximum towing rating is 2,000 lbs, and anything above that; use at your own risk. If you tow above 2,000 lbs. with the 2.7 (Sport), then your warranty may be voided. The PDF from Ford that I posted above I believe is still the best guide to follow for tow rating information.
  12. Austin

    New member. eyeing a 2.7 ecoboost Edge

    Good to know then. I still don't plan on towing more than 1,200 with it, but that is due more to my trailer restriction. The HF 4'x8' fold-up trailer is great because it stores in the garage taking up very little space, and just takes a few minutes to setup. Nice to have to haul dozens of bags of mulch every spring, and all of those other things far too big to get in the car. It keeps me from needing to buy a truck; which isn't something I want to have to drive everyday.
  13. Austin

    New member. eyeing a 2.7 ecoboost Edge

    You may want to take a look at this: https://www.ford.com/resources/ford/general/pdf/towingguides/16rv&tt_ford_edge_sep28.pdf
  14. Austin

    New member. eyeing a 2.7 ecoboost Edge

    I'm a new soon to be (next week) 2017 2.7 Eco Edge. I don't think this is the one you want if you want to tow a trailer. I believe the limit on the 2.7 is 2,000 lbs. Get the NA V6 if you want to tow more (3,500 lbs.). I have a small HF fold-up utility trailer that I plan on towing with mine (although finding a hitch that goes on without mods and causing problems with the motion sensor is still an issue), but I don't plan on towing more than 1,200 lbs, as that is the limit on my trailer anyway.
  15. Austin

    New Soon to be Edge Sport Owner

    Thanks. The one thing that I have to figure out is which is the best trailer hitch to buy without having to perform modifications and/or loose the kick motion opener. I have a small HF utility trailer that I always use to pick up things you really don't want in your vehicle, and I need to be able to use this trailer. I've started doing some research, but haven't found what I'm looking for yet. My trailer only weighs about 200 lbs, and I never haul more than 1000 lbs, so I know weight isn't an issue. I just don't want to start cutting things and making straps like some of the other owners I've read about.