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    14' Edge Sport

    Progression of my Edge.
  2. After driving on the new tune for a couple days, I noticed faster throttle response and shift points, better acceleration and more torque to the wheels. Take off is fast and the wheels chirp going into 2nd and 3rd. The only other mod besides the X4 flash is a K&N highflow filter. Couldn't be happier with the flash results. Can't wait to slap an intake and x-pipe on her and see what difference that makes..
  3. Noticed increased throttle response almost immediately. I haven't really gotten a chance to really drive it yet but once I take it on a highway trip I'll really be able to see whether or not it made a difference.
  4. zweber1

    Rear Emblem Removal

    Who cares!
  5. zweber1

    Rear Emblem Removal

    Finally got the front on! Looks sooo good.
  6. zweber1

    3.7L Chipped?

    My X4 should be in this week for my 14 Sport. I'm running 93 octane so we'll see what happens.
  7. zweber1

    H&R wheel spacers

    I was just looking for wheel adaptors/spacers to make my wheels flush with the fender without having to cut my studs, if I want to take them off in the future I don't want to have to deal with now cut studs on my hubs..
  8. zweber1

    H&R wheel spacers

    So you had to modify your OEM 22" Edge wheels to get the wheels to fit on the spacers or had to modify the hubs? I have a 14 Edge Sport with the same wheels. Either way I wasn't really looking to to have to modify anything significantly. Trying to stick with mostly bolt on parts for when resell inevitably happens.
  9. I have the X4 flash on the way.
  10. zweber1

    H&R wheel spacers

    About half inch to an inch per side. Nothing crazy haha.
  11. zweber1

    H&R wheel spacers

    Just curious, has anyone put on the H&R wheel spacers to add a few extra inches to their width? Was really more curious to see what it looks like..
  12. zweber1

    Rear Emblem Removal

    What do you mean, you don't want an A&M badge on your car?.. Well the only other thing I could say is measure the length of your badges and order accordingly.
  13. I've heard of Unleashed before actually, are they in the PA area? Also you said SCT tuner, are you referring to the flash they have available? Or one of their custom tuners? And yeah, I've driven lowered cars but I've never lowered an SUV, the main reason for getting it being preparedness for snow in these northeast winters, and the luxury and size. That's why I've been on the edge, no pun intended, about getting lowering springs. Makes the vehicle look soooo much better but don't want to sacrifice ride quality or the ability to plow through snow need be. I could always swap back to OEM springs in the winter but I don't want to have to deal with that instal twice a year. But having lowering springs and wheel spacers would give the truck such a mean look..
  14. I saw in some of your older pictures, it looks like you have aftermarket rotors and calipers? What brand did you wind up getting and how do you like them? Its getting around that time to replace my brakes and I've been thinking about just going all out.