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  1. HI Macbwt, I was not aware, I thought it was the same as the 15. Thank you for your input.
  2. I agree, I have a 2016 EDGE SEL and the headlights are terrible. Is this H9 bulb you suggest a drop in alternative? Did you try it? I would like to do something without spending a lot of money on this car, as I really don't love it and am not sure how long we will keep it. Also how much cost and work is involved with these conversion kits you mentioned?
  3. 2016 Ford Edge SEL I purchased a new 2016 SEL from Ford and immediately noticed a "fluttering" noise or what sounded like a strap flopping around under the passenger side of the car. I crawled under thinking that maybe something was left loose, or a strap was flopping around in the wind under the body. I could not find anything obvious. I did see a long hard board with a felt like finish that covers the under-body with unique and noisy center connectors. I took the car in to a Lincoln dealership and they had already dealt with the same issue on a different but same year Edge. They told me it was the rattle in the center connector of under-body "felt" panels. They corrected the issue by installing some sort of buffer material in the fasteners. The noise is now gone. It was loud and annoying at times, in particular when heavy cross wind was coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. I chose to start this message because I know this concern is not unique to my vehicle. I travel for a living and often have Ford Edge rentals, and about 1 out 2 have the same noise. It must be a known issue to Ford, however the Lincoln service adviser said there is no TSB for this issue. I also had the Lincoln warranty service address what sounded like cheap plastic to plastic noises coming from the dash while traveling over rough road. They isolated the poorly designed fasteners and buffered them as well. The dash noise is now much improved. I am disappointed in Ford for first not building this vehicle better, this is not a first generation model and these types of issues should be long since engineered out of the platform in my opinion. This Ford Edge is far and above the most rattle and noise filled vehicle we have purchased from Ford and unfortunately lowers my sense of confidence in Ford overall. We paid too much for this car to have what I perceive to be "cheap" fit and finish and poorly engineered fasteners. I hope this helps anyone who may have similar noises coming from their late model Ford Edge.