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  1. Haha, its a normal occurrence with these Edges alright, but its not supposed to happen. Ours had been replaced twice, and we went a good 1.5 years without it failing, but we got condensation again. Time to go back before I run out of warranty. Just clarification - we get some hazy condensation now, which is a lot better than the original one that was filling with water like an aquarium.
  2. foghelmut

    2015 Ford Edge SEL EcoBoost - Towing?

    Does the factory tow package come with any additional transmission cooling? Or is it just the hitch and brake lights connectors?
  3. foghelmut

    Liftgate support cylinder

    I have a manual liftgate - the part on the car is FT4B-R406A11-AC
  4. foghelmut

    Liftgate support cylinder

    I bought a StrongArm 6120 for my 2016 because I can't be bothered to go to the dealer for $20 worth of warranty (I assume its covered), but its about 1" shorter than OEM. Anyone got any info on what the right part is?
  5. I've had H9 in for months, no issues.
  6. I ended up putting in the H9 bulbs in. The 65w is much brighter than the standard 55w, and the light actually fills out the field width. The projector lenses keep the light from causing any excess glare or unnatural patterns. Now the headlights are almost as bright as my Subaru with standard H11 bulbs. This is just a poor headlight housing design on these Fords.
  7. Try this thread http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/7723-roof-rails-with-panoramic-roof/
  8. foghelmut

    2016 Edge with Vista roof

    Try this thread http://www.fordedgeforum.com/topic/7723-roof-rails-with-panoramic-roof/
  9. foghelmut

    Need a cargo mat

    Enviroback Carpet from Home Depot for $19 http://www.homedepot.com/p/TrafficMASTER-Enviroback-Charcoal-60-in-x-36-in-Recycled-Rubber-Thermoplastic-Rib-Door-Mat-60-443-1902-30000500/202072107. Ribbed carpet surface, rubber, waterproof. Cut to fit. Doesn't have lip edges, but the carpet catches dirt. Cheap and easy and gets the job done.
  10. New piece installed again. No water yet!
  11. The new part was installed, washed the car a week later, full of water. Our service manager is trying to find a NEW new part - can't get one for two weeks. He tried other dealerships, no one has one available. Anyone else got water in theirs? Seems odd its so difficult to get the part.
  12. The H9 bulb has the same dimensions as the H11, but it won't fit the H11 plug. You'll have to either get an adapter cable or shave the H9 socket. There are instructions online available. It's the same filament but a higher wattage, so you get a brighter light at the expense of a shorter lifespan.
  13. http://www.autonews.com/article/20170613/OEM11/170619917/iihs-study-finds-just-2-of-37-suv-headlights-rate-good Ford Edge rated as pretty terrible. Its amazing, I have the same bulbs in my Impreza as the Edge, but my Impreza lights up the whole road. My Edge is like trying to light my way with a potato. I see there are a few threads about HID conversions, but has anyone just tried sticking a H9 bulb in there? It's the same bulb as the H11, just more wattage.
  14. What is the point of this stupid thing being there if it doesn't even function as a light except on the top trim models?
  15. My 2016 SEL has this in the center light. There were two vertical cracks in it. I never hit anything. The dealer initially said "it looks like an impact," but they went on to do some kind of investigation involving UV lights. They ordered a new part and are covering it under warranty.