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    ST Exhuast Tone in Sport Mode

    The setting in the ACM isn't enough to turn off the fake engine noise, it also has to be turned off in the DSP. Note this also disables ANC (active noise control) 783-01-01 Cxxx xxxx xxxx
  2. Dingle

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    There's a new TSB out (19-2288) that supersedes the previous TSB (19-2103) for the transmission. Though the wording on it seems somewhat conflicting.
  3. Dingle

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    I'm on my second Edge ST now, the first one was bought back with less than 700 miles on it. Both car's have November build dates. I felt the noise from the RDU on both of them was pretty loud, can't imagine what it's like on cars in the range called out by the SSM.
  4. Dingle

    Weird Noise When Opening Doors

    It is not the fuel pump priming. The sound is from the RDU (rear drive unit) doing a self test. From SSM 48007,
  5. Dingle


    As of today (May 22nd), there is now a field service action for the adaptive headlights numbered 19B11. The letter to owner's I had seen stated a June timeframe for availability