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  1. Hey everyone, Im not too sure if anyone has done this yet. Ive looked to see if anyone has done it yet and havent found anything. I recently purchased the Steeda CAI and throttle body spacer for the Fusion to try it out on my Edge. I just got around to installing it on the Edge, so far I have had it on the vehicle for only a couple days now but I am enjoying it. You will not be able to fit the engine cover back on if you do this without trimming it. I havent modified the engine cover yet but I plan on doing that eventually. No engine codes or anything will be thrown as long as you put your sensor for the intake back in and dont break it(thats probably the hardest part about installing the CAI because of fitting it through the grommet). Steeda provides you with everything besides the bolt that sits down in the grommet under the intake (this helps support the intake and keep it upright on the back end). All I bought to make this work was a piece of 1/4 all thread, I cut it to 6 and thats the bolt I replaced in the kit that Steeda sent me to support the CAI. Also, you need to use the grommet piece off the stock intake box. Anyways, here are some pictures of it. Steeda - https://www.steeda.com/steeda-fusion-twin-turbo-cold-air-kit
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    2017 Edge Sport VTA Mod

    Yeah that is true I just call it the same instead of the VTA mod but thank you for correcting me
  3. Hey everyone, I had wanted to do a BOV for the 2017 Edge model and didn't want to spend the $200+ for it, after some research and doing a little gamble I found a VTA adaptor from Boomba racing for a fraction of the price. The one I initially wanted was the Turbosmart but when I saw the price it detoured me from it. Here's a link to the one I originally wanted: http://www.morepowertuning.com/TS-0203-1081 Here's the one from Boomba racing that I currently have on the 2017 model: http://www.boombaracing.com/fusion-sport-ecoboost-2-7-blow-off-valve-bov-adapter/ I know that is says it's for a fusion, but it fits on the edge, from what I can gather from looking at pictures only and correct me if I'm wrong but the fusion engine is identical in terms of placement for the edges, so I'm not saying that all parts for the fusion are interchangeable but they may be. (I don't have a fusion or money to be buying fusion parts and seeing if they fit on the edge) but I can say that the Boomba racing insert fits the edge. Instructions for the install are the same as for the edge that you will find the instructions on the boomba racing page. Required items for install: - 10mm socket and wrench with extension for engine cover - E5 socket (Which I couldn't find, happens to be the female end of a torx bit, I used a 4mm socket) - 3/16 Allen wrench Took me about 10 minutes to install and It's a cool sound just to have for laughs in my opinion. No engine codes have been on and it's been installed for the last week. I hope this helps everyone on finding an alternative to having a BOV haha total cost was about $73 shipped to me instead of $240 for the turbosmart and half the work had to be done.