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  1. Thanks. Initially I couldn't get the Travel Link icon to show up under apps. I used the APM data from another VIN very similar to mine that I found online and that got the icon to appear. I definitely wasn't looking to get it without paying for it. I then called them and told them that it was a dealer installed navigation system and they activated it! Thanks again for everyone's help!
  2. No, I had to add it manually with Forscan after I did the APIM swap.
  3. Greetings With some help from this awesome Forum I was able to add Navigation and Climate to the right hand IPC of my 2016 Ford Edge. The last thing I'd like to do is to add Travel Link to the Sync 3 unit itself. I've downloaded AB data from local Edge's with travel but it still doesn't enable travel link. I've read that the travel link option is "burned" into the Sirius unit itself and since that ESN is associated with a vehicle that was shipped w/o navigation that there's no way it can be added after the fact even though I have navigation now. Can anyone confirm this? Have those of you who have updated their Sync 3 been able to get the Travel Link app added? Is there a way I can call Sirius and have them alter the vehicle's "profile" so it shows up as being eligible for travel link?
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    Navigation Upgrade

    Done! I have Navigation AND Climate! Plus I learned how to make other mods as well. Very cool
  5. I didn't order the wiring harness right now as I don't plan on towing a trailer this summer. I'll probably do it before next summer. Right now the hitch is just for the bike rack.
  6. I've looked at a lot of photos in this forum in trying to decide which hitch to install. I ended paying a little more (a lot more!) and getting the factory hitch installed. I'm 100% happy that I did. They really did a fantastic job. They had to cut the rear bumper cover and it while it could be straighter, I'm sure it's something I'll never notice. Plus, If I decide to get the wiring harness there's a place to mount that. I purchased this used so I had a hard time finding one with a trailer hitch. Plus, I didn't the whole towing package. This is mainly for bikes/cargo carrier/jet ski occasionally. I can also report that the foot activated lift gate works if you kick to the right of the hitch. Super happy. Thanks for everyone that posted photos.
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    Hitch Installation

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    Navigation Upgrade

    This may warrant a new topic but I just also noticed that Sirius Travel Link isn't available either. I called them and they said my vehicle was showing as not being compatible - probably because it didn't come with the factory nav - If I enable NAV in FORSCAN will this also force the install of Sirius Travel Link? I really wish I would have spent the extra time searching for a vehicle I wanted with NAV instead of going this route. It probably would have saved me a lot of hassle in the long run.
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    Navigation Upgrade

    Thanks. Ill look at those and see which one is best. I have a Mac and iPhone so it looks like that may be a complication.
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    Navigation Upgrade

    Is the ELM327 the correct device?
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    Navigation Upgrade

    Nope. I just have phone and entertainment listed. Is this something a dealer can do If I ask them (and presumably pay)
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    Navigation Upgrade

    I installed the navigation APIM today and the installation went flawlessly. Just one question, on my Fusion I had access to the maps in the right hand side of the instrument cluster. However, even after I updated the APIM I still don't have that option, It's just PHONE and ENTERTAINMENT. Is this something that has to be enabled with FORSCAN?
  13. I have a 128GB USB loaded with over 10000 songs that I kept plugged into my 2015 Ford Fusion all the time. I left it at the airport for over a week once and didn't have any issues with the battery being discharged. The convenience of having that much music accessible without having to worry about streaming or logging into account is game changing. I compared it to having a back seat full of CD wallets