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  1. Thanks for the in depth explanation, I really appreciate it. You called it, i'm extremely new to auto modding. It's been great learning about all the nuances and even better having an SUV with potential. I was actually sucked into all of this through my younger cousin, who ironically was also the one that sold me my edge. I'm around 6'8", so had a limited selection but wanted something with a kick. We always talked about working on the 2.7 ecoboost, but he unfortunately passed away before we had a chance. Long story short, i'm looking to maximize performance and it sounds like I need to hold off for the downpipes you're developing.
  2. Hello - I’ve been somewhat of a shadow member, but recently started purchasing per your recommendations. To date, I have a lms 93 tune, rmm, jlt catch can, and ordered h&r springs. Im interested in the downpipe setup you all have been developing. Curious if these subject pipes would be a nice sound/performance boost or if I should hold off for what’s to come? Thanks for all the insight. *edit...answered my own question.
  3. bcenter91

    Aftermarket Exhaust for 16 Sport

    May want to hold off, believe there's down pipes in the making from a few members.
  4. bcenter91

    tuning at a certain mileage

    i just installed the LMS 93 octane on my 2015 sport with 54k mileage. Runs great and definitely a noticeable change. I also ordered the LMS catch can and CPe motor mount top go along with it. Would recommend the JLT catch can since it comes with hoses/brackets. Thanks for sharing the oil change graph, looks like im due for one along with trans fluid and spark plugs.
  5. bcenter91

    Intake Fab / Call for Help!

    Just curious if this build/fab happened and if we can place orders?
  6. Fairly certain i'm late to the party, but would love to partake in the next batch order.