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  1. Is there a thread regarding installing H&R springs? I feel like i can do it myself but instructions would help
  2. So i've tried every way possible to get my high beams to turn on as DRL and no luck. GOOD, because now i'm not concerned about flicker when i replace the 9005. One thing i did find out though. While in drive, the sun out, lights set to "off".....my bumper DRLs dim (still on). Once i turn to "aux" setting on dial they get bright. Weird, but interesting
  3. Hmm ok i'll try this out, thanks guys
  4. Using the turn dial on the dash to the left of the steering wheel. "Off" is the first pic up top, next setting is the second pic and the "On" setting is the third pic.
  5. I turned the option on and off on the menu and nothing happened. Now that i say that, i didn't start my car to do any of this....maybe the cause? Before were just stock halogen H11, the H11 LEDs are Mostplus. I'm sure just some knockoff, but they've been great for about 2 years so far.
  6. 2015 Ford Edge Sport - non HID. LED H11 bulbs for low beams (upgrade) halogen turn - 7440 halogen high beam/DRL - 9005 From everything im reading, the high beam (9005) should also act as a DRL. At no point in time, on any setting, has my high beams ever acted as a DRL. My lower bumper DRL work as they should. The only other lights that act like a DRL are my flashers. I can set them to stay off when all lights are off, on alongside the lower bumper DRLs, or on alongside lower bumper DRLs and low beams. Does this seem right? Something i'm missing maybe? I would love to replace my high beam with LEDs but i don't want the flicker issue i've read about since they are "supposed" to work as DRL as well. thanks guys!

    Livernois Tune Options

    Now that sounds like it would be fun 😈 I know it's a little ridiculous just now learning about my Sport, but I told myself that when i got it that i wouldn't obsess over it and start modding it like all previous vehicles. The only things I'm even remotely interested in is #1 tuner #2 lowering 1 down, 1 to go

    E30 VS race 100 - Livernois

    I'm not sure I've ever seen E30 anywhere. I used to see E15 a lot but over the last few years not so much. I believe I saw somewhere that you have to blend your own to get E30. Is that true? If yes, how do you make E30?

    Livernois Tune Options

    So i've had my sport for 1 year and i have to admit that i've never put it in sport mode. I've driven manuals my whole life and finally got an automatic so i didnt carmuch for shifting anymore. I was also unaware that the car still shifts itself in sport mode... ...GOOD GOD does this thing fly in sport mode with the new tune. Im sure ive been missing out without the tune, but with it.....SO MUCH FUN!

    Livernois Tune Options

    loving the 93 performance tune so far 😁. I haven't had the chance to really get on it yet but i can definitely feel the power just waiting to be unleashed 😈

    Livernois Tune Options

    Tunes uploaded! Time to play with the 93 performance 😈 Shout out to Anthony @Livernois Motorsports for all the help and answering my retarded questions 😁

    Livernois Tune Options

    Well seems like I got the codes I need, not sure what i did different but oh well. Just need to do the registation on the PCapp, upload my stock tune, and wait for my tunes 😄

    Livernois Tune Options

    How do you get to the screen that shows "code" and "sw". This is through the Sync touchscreen corret? I feel like a moron asking these questions.

    Livernois Tune Options

    Thanks jamie! So did you plug the tuner into your car, put it in "run" mode, then that screen appeared on your tuner? Mine never got off the original screen whether the car was off or in run mode.

    Livernois Tune Options

    Am I the only one who struggled filling out the tune form for the livernois mycalibrator touch? I feel like the code description they need didn't match the code description my car showed. For example: They ask for ECU/SC, all I could find was CCPU/SW. Same thing? If not, where the heck do I find it? Also, instructions say download your stock tune to the mycalibrator and upload it to the tuner program on your computer (installed that program yesterday). But when I plugged the tuner into my car for this, the touch screen came on but nothing happened. I couldn't tell of it was doing anything and it didn't have options to pick. Just the on screen and nothing else. I waited a few minutes and nothing. Kinda don't know what to do now.