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  1. Get a used Continental, get extended warranty, then you have 400hp and a very very solid Lux sedan.
  2. 5 star tuned one as well, e50 this one.
  3. Explorer ST just got tuned by LMS, same power numbers stock and 93 tuned as my Continental. No e30 or 100 octane as I'm the only one crazy nuff to leave car there for a month.
  4. 037

    Getting about time for ST stage II Tune

    And hassle them we did for the Sport v3 tune, a lot. I would suggest pushing hard for e30 as it does crazy things for the Continental on par with 105 octane while costing less than 93! Compared to Sport v2, in the right cold conditions v3 on 93 ran same as v2 on 105. Then again, in serious heat I found that v3 would be significantly slower on the top end VS v2 at the track unless higher octane was used. I call that over cooked... Gotta be careful what you wish for 🙂
  5. Akirby, I did the math that works for me and then shared with everyone else. Lots of options to choose from!
  6. I am not saying what I did works for everyone, happy for all to do their own math. Part of the reason for my warranty purchase is also to preserve car value when I do sell it. I barely keep cars over 2 years. It's also insurance if I decide to keep it longer. Akirby, I am glad your vehicles are that dependable, my luck with current vehicle has been a bit different, 20k+ of options alone mean a lot of things can break and they are all 1k parts.
  7. My car is 2 years old, it has seen the dealer 6-8 times. I'm not playing deductible games to save $400. If I bought a Honda, sure. With a Ford... Let them fix it until they paid it 3 times over. But that's just me, I like things to be predictable and planned.
  8. Its a dealer with the cheapest up front no hassle ESP rates. Make sure you get the premium care and I suggest no deductible so you don't have to ask your self twice before taking car in.
  9. 037

    The fastest Ford Edge in 1/4 mile

    Jamie, if you have e85 in your area try adding a gallon to tank (half to half etc) and see if that gets you over 100 mph 🙂
  10. 037

    Livernois ST Tune

    The magnet is strong assuming the hood has enough metal in it. I put mine on a speaker grill in the Conti and it doesn't move. In the Edge it used to fly all over the place during launches but I think I was in the low 4s to 60.
  11. 037

    Livernois ST Tune

    Only time I use roll out times is when looking at 0 to 60, 1/8 and 1/4 already include that automatically. 60ft on Dragy needs to be adjusted for reality as it doesn't have 1ft roll out. If you get track times and Dragy times I can help you find a point for adjusting it.
  12. 037

    Livernois ST Tune

    I would love to see some testing with IC or without and it's impact on the 1/4 mile runs. I know what the tstat can do for me but I have seen no track times showing what the FMIC can. Sure it can keep Temps lower but I want to see a benefit extend to a faster run or at least faster speed at the end of the run.
  13. 037

    E30 VS race 100 - Livernois

    E30 on e50 I can't upload cause file size too big (it isn't) so I guess you will have to take my word for it, it's about the same. Can of race gas set me back $32 for 32oz, ethanol $2.73 per gallon.
  14. 037

    E30 VS race 100 - Livernois

    For anyone who likes data I am posting my race gas 105 octane runs on 100 tune followed by e50 using e30 tune. Tune: Livernois. Race gas slips first
  15. 037

    Livernois ST Tune

    I must say my cars usually don't go into - 20 driving so I cannot confirm or deny the effect from a thermostat...