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  1. 037

    Octane Additives

    Missed this...Ultra did nothing for the 2.7 or 3.0 as it was tuned for 100. 105...yea, that helped with timing. Livernois auto adjusts up but there is a limit. 93 tune works wonders on 100 octane just like 100 loves 105. 87 tune on 100 will just be same as 93 on 93.
  2. 037

    Track Time Results

    Dragy is extremely accurate for all but the 60ft times. I ran track dozens of times and the difference averages 4 to 8 over 100th of a second. So...less than a tenth off. Very accurate.
  3. 037

    Track Time Results

    Nicely done, looking forward to 11s.
  4. I also have a set of Michelin 4S on 2 of the 20s, maybe 100 MI on them. Weren't wide enough to handle 420/480 to all wheels (cause awd on Conti kinda crap in power allocation). 255/40/20.
  5. Thanks for the mention! I sold my 21s with winter scorpions, what I have left is a 20" set of Continental wheels and some 245/45/20 high performance Continental DW summer tires which I set the drag racing records with. Lots of tread as always as the cars don't stick around long enough to use em up, ever.
  6. 037

    Livernois ST Tune

    A stock Sport would certainly not beat a tuned ST drag racing and the handling benefits of ST might be easily not enough to over come the difference in power from a tuned Sport. An interesting theory tho.
  7. When you are going down hill that doesn't negate the DA penalty. You should run some E30 for that or 105 booster.
  8. Went to Atco yesterday for a private (read $150 very expensive) event. Added 26 runs. Test vehicle: Continental 3.0 with Livernois E30 tune running E40.
  9. 037

    Track Time Results

    Strange, they did it for the 10 speed, maybe I am assuming too much. Reach out and confirm with LMS? ST has a lot less power than Sport so probably that's the lack of chirping as they are hesitant to push the 8 speed hard too fast.
  10. 037

    Track Time Results

    Ah, sometimes I forget about the 8 speed. Either way, Livernois tune eliminates that skip. Stock I believe there is a good bit of skipping.
  11. 037

    Track Time Results

    Xtra, springs, motor mount, transmission mount, summer tires. Should cure the wheel hop. I had all except transmission mount and was still hopping a bit. My 60ft launch is still the hardest around at 1.82 on 93 octane.
  12. 037

    Track Time Results

    Not so sure skipping 2nd is a great idea, might wanna redo the math, first is good for 20-25 and 2nd to about 50-55 hitting 3rd even at 35 would be a huge slow down.
  13. 037

    Track Time Results

    If I didn't know any better I'd say the two of you are running neck and neck. Xtras graph shows he's spinning as 2nd gear hits pretty hard, as hard as 1st on launch. Plus the DA difference.
  14. 037

    Track Time Results

    If it's a new iPhone it's power and volume down for screenshot, power and home button for 8 and older. No app...
  15. 037

    Track Time Results

    Xtra, I'm glad you are testing the Dragy out. Can you post the photo of the 0 to 60 chart? Did you brake torque it just flat foot? Seems a bit slow for your level of mods.