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  1. Yes, I learned that just moments ago. Nevermind the explorer wheels then. Best place for Genuine OEM Ford Edge wheels?
  2. Alright.. well.. time has come. I am ready to buy 4 x 20 inch wheels (and tires). I looked on Discount tire and Tirerack, but most of the brands both of these shops sell have bad reviews online (except BBS, but BBS are expensive). TSW is the only one that has decent reviews. If I wanted to buy NEW - GENUINE ( NOT REFURB ) FORD OEM WHEELS, where should i go? There are a couple of Ford Explorer wheels that I like (I think they are 20 inchx8.5 wheels and should fit).
  3. Yeah, the "protection" on the 21inch Pirellis on Edge Sport is a joke. My rims always get scraped first before the tire at the slightest touch. I've damaged mine from super narrow bank/food/coffee drive thru lanes. I try to avoid using them but have to when its negative temps outside. I like it when the wheels sit a little more inside the tire.
  4. Thank you Omar302 and Onyxbfly !!. I'll get an estimate from Wheel-Tech and go from there. If I end up keeping the wheels, I'll waiting for the tires to wear out before getting new 45 series tires. Thank you both again !!! I might be back for suggestions on which 20 inch wheels look best if I go that route.
  5. Bxp

    Need a softer ride than 21"

    I'm in the same boat at the moment. I'm also looking to downgrade from 21inch rims to 20 inch rims.
  6. I cant blame ya for wanting to go from 21's to 20s. I am thinking of doing the same on my new Edge Sport. (Plus the 21's seem to be a magnet for curbs, its really bad driving but there is absolutely no forgiving with 21s, on 20's you might scrape the tire instead of rim). I'd love to know which rims you've picked out. Will you be able to go with 265 45 20s without any other adjustments?
  7. Bxp


    Thank you!! Where abouts are you in USA if I may ask.
  8. Question guys/gals, I recently scraped all 4 of my 21 inch wheels on my 2018 Edge Sport (combination of bad driving, chicago construction, potholes, curbs that come outta nowhere, tight drive through lanes 👻). It has less than 10,000 miles and I have a long way to go with this suv. Anywhoo, two are pretty bad, two are very minor (about an inch that is slightly scraped). I have a couple of options and seeking your advice. I recently ordered one refurb wheel from somewhere (they only had one in stock at the time), but returning it due to bad quality (bad paint, little bubbles in paint). Option 1. Replace just the two that are worst scraped. Refurb of same wheel are about 400 each. Option 2. Replace all 4 wheels. (I would prefer to downgrade to 19s or 20s that have more sidewall). Option 3. Repair the two that are worst damaged, however I'm having a hard time finding a reputable wheel repair place in Chicago. If you know of one from experience, please provide a name. Please be respectful in your responses. I am already kicking myself in the .. .on the damage so you can probably save comments on bad driving. 😞 One more question, should refurb wheels look like new or are they always a little off in quality (especially appearance) ?
  9. Bxp


    Helloooo, just got my 2018 Edge Sport back from dealer yesterday after 3 weeks of investigation. You're right, it's the active noise cancellation system/module. They gave me the car back (their choice) while Ford engineers investigate. Lets keep in touch on this forum... if this does not get resolved in next few months, we may have to escalate together. If I hear anything, I'll post, and please do same if you hear anything on your end. Thanks.
  10. Bxp


    Hi Mr. FordTough, glad to have come across your post. I have a 2018 Ford Edge SPORT with only 6,000 miles and I have similar issue (if not the same). I have played around and experimented alot to narrow down what it is, and what it is NOT. ISSUE: There is a vibration that starts off very low and builds up and definitely audible and strong at the 15 or 20 second mark, and then it dies completely after 20 seconds every time. I timed it with stopwatch. After the vibration ends (after approx 20 seconds), it starts building up slowly again, becomes very noticeable after 15 seconds, strong for the next few seconds, and again, dies after 20 seconds, repeats over and over. Here are my observations with the vibration issue: 1. (IMPORTANT) The vibration seems to only happen when there is some weight/load in the rear cargo area and drive around a little with the weight in the back. If I remove the weight/load (some tools and some emergency iteams that I carry around) from cargo area, the vibration eventually dissipates (takes several minutes or hours but dissipates eventually). If I put the weight back on in the cargo section, the vibration returns, it may take a few minutes or hours. 2. The strong vibration only occurs when I've stopped at Stop Sign or Red Light, and goes away when I start accelerating or the car is moving. Also: If the suv is carrying some weight, and the vibration is occuring, the issue dissipates if the car is sitting for a while (engine running, park for 15-30 minutes). The issue returns after you start driving around again. 3. I've ruled out that it is NOT the AC, it is NOT the tires in any way, not the stereo/speakers, it is not the wheels itself (they are aired correctly and balanced, double checked). I've tried recording the sound but unable to capture the vibration+sound that well on my phone. Luckily, a few days ago, I drove into a nearby dealership when the issue was occuring and the senior tech did some poking around and was perplexed what this could be. He has never seen this before. The part that doesn't make sense is that it cycles every 20 seconds. What system or component causes the 20 second cycling. is the big question. I'll be turning the car to have this issue looked at as soon as they have a loaner available. The tech thinks this may take a couple weeks to figure out. If this does not get resolved, I am left with no choice but to dump this car, as the vibration is unbearable. It has a strange .. frequency, harmonic? that is frustrating to have to listen to, (like nails on chaulk board effect).. I'm sad because I may have to walk away from the FORD brand. Does not seem right to lose money twice by buying another product from same manufacturer (unless they offer some sort of buyback or something along those lines)