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  1. TheGrossman

    Connect Radar Detector to mirror

    Try this post: P.S. I hope the above link works! Have never tried to copy and paste a link before.
  2. TheGrossman

    What have you done to/with your Edge/MKX today?

    Wow! Fog lights look great!! I'd be interested on how you did it too! Sounds like a royal PIA but the results look like it was worth it!
  3. So John Wright from ADDCO promptly called me back this morning and said he has the rear anti-sway bar for the Ford Edge in stock. So $185 later (plus shipping) I should be getting it in a few days! He also said that there isn't a need for a "second batch" group buy anymore! Anyone can call him (at 800-338-7015 x102) and order one!!! I hope this helps anyone who wanted one but missed out on the first group order.
  4. I finally called John Wright at ADDCO today and left a message. When I find out more about a "second batch" I'll update on this thread.
  5. I know I'm late for the first batch too, but I'm in for the second batch!
  6. TheGrossman

    New (well...new for me) 2016 Ford Edge!!

    Thanks onyxbfly!!
  7. TheGrossman

    New (well...new for me) 2016 Ford Edge!!

    Thanks!! That's what I thought!
  8. TheGrossman

    New (well...new for me) 2016 Ford Edge!!

    Thanks everyone! Here a few pics while it was still at the dealer's lot. Looking forward to exploring my Ford Edge and also this forum!
  9. TheGrossman

    New (well...new for me) 2016 Ford Edge!!

    Crap!! Now I have to sell my new Edge to pay for all of the beer!! LOL TheGrossman
  10. Hello everyone! Just bought a used 2016 Ford Edge Sport! I have only put a little over 150 miles on it (and most of that was driving it from dealer in PA back to MD). It's got just every factory option except for the rear entertainment system. Looking forward to a lot of good times in my Edge! Just wanted to say Hi!! TheGrossman