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  1. Smittyjf

    Ford Edge 2.7 ecoboost oil pan leak

    just checked the work order and looks like they used a new oil pan and RTV not the new pan with gasket unless I'm missing something here
  2. Smittyjf

    Ford Edge 2.7 ecoboost oil pan leak

    2019 bought in May 2019. Build Date 12/3/18
  3. Smittyjf

    Ford Edge 2.7 ecoboost oil pan leak

    Here we go! ST is at the dealer. I've read nightmares about this but now it's happened to me. We'll see if it works. Hopefully only 1 and done. Not like the several others who have had it replaced several times.
  4. Smittyjf

    Sprint Booster V3 installed - 2 Thumbs Up !!

    I only see for a 2018 edge on the sprint box website?
  5. Smittyjf

    Caliper Covers - Color Opinions Wanted!

    My mistake. I confused your pictures with SweetAnnie's I have the same rims in her pictures. Hopefully she has no issues with rim clearance
  6. Smittyjf

    Caliper Covers - Color Opinions Wanted!

    I am interested to know how close they come to the inside of the rim. I was pulling the trigger on the same ones you have but I could barely fit a folded piece of paper between my caliper and the inside of the rim without rubbing (We have the same rims) I did email them and they assured me they fit though
  7. Smittyjf

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    I didn't purchase the rim/tire warranty on my 2014 Escape with the 19' rim/tire package and immediately regretted it! cost me $$$$$ when I hit one and needed a new rim and tire. I purchased it for my edge ST this time around.
  8. Smittyjf

    SYNC 3 issues

    Had the same issues with mine and carplay. Acted very strange and would lock up if the phone was unplugged. A master reset fixed everything
  9. Smittyjf

    Your Price

    As long as I didn't pay it I don't care what it's called!
  10. Smittyjf

    Your Price

    Sticker was 46,270 got 7,950 in rebates Dealer Discount was 2,200 Retail Customer cash was 2,000 Bonus Customer Cash 500 Select Inventory customer cash 500 Trade in assist Bonus cash 2,000 Ford Motor Credit 750 Trade (2014 Escape Titanium Loaded) 14,000 owned outright. Tax 1,459.20 38,320 final cost + 244 Dealer fees (Doc,Title) Bought Wheel and tire insurance 800 (Lesson Learned from pothole on my 19's on my escape) 3,000 down Financed around 23,800 windowstickersilver.pdf
  11. Smittyjf

    Happy New ST Owner

    Just came home with a new silver ST tonight. What an amazing ride and a beast of an engine! Smitty