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    I just got my Edge ST back from dealer where they performed the update for the lights. On start, I notice a clear startup movement. When I tested while parked, the lights clearly shift right and then recenter. But I notice they don’t shift left when I turn left. They basically just stay centered. is that intentional? Or something is still incorrect?
  2. JCrew7384

    Edge ST MPG

    My ST is just under a year old, with about 11,500 miles on it. I find that recently on mostly highway driving I am averaging 23-25 MPG pretty consistently... Higher than I was achieving in my first 6 months or so.
  3. JCrew7384

    No compartment slot for charging cable

  4. JCrew7384

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

  5. JCrew7384

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Can you expand on this? I have the 19 ST and I can't stand the horn. Where did you pickup an 18 horn from? And is it actually an easy install? I am not super handy, and even less handy when it comes to cars.
  6. JCrew7384

    ST SUV Experience in Park City

    Keep us posted. Interested in hearing about your experience
  7. JCrew7384

    Edge ST MPG

    My average on the computer is no 22.2 MPG, I am almost exclusively highway driving, in the 70-75 mph range. Fuelly confirms a slightly higher per trip MPG, but I guess that makes sense for the average on the computer to slowly be increasing. Fuelly did calculate about 32 MPG the other day when I drove almost a full tank at 60 MPH either flat or down hill... Pretty exciting.
  8. JCrew7384

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    I ordered a new tire from tire rack and had it delivered in days to a local tire shop. Painless. The ford dealer near me was quoting 4-6 weeks to get one in
  9. JCrew7384

    Flat tire with 1900 miles on my ST

    The spare in my ST was a smaller donut, certainly not 21"
  10. JCrew7384

    Edge ST MPG

    What is the Trans TSB? I use Fuelly to track, not the onboard computer.
  11. JCrew7384

    Edge ST MPG

    I am getting on average about 21.5MPG on my weekly trips which are 120 miles each way, 90% highway cruising between 60-75 MPH. 4,000 miles
  12. JCrew7384

    Edge ST MPG

    Is the MPG savings worth the additional gas cost?
  13. JCrew7384

    21" Winter Tires

    How do I know what size "wheel" and tire is compatible if I go smaller?
  14. JCrew7384

    21" Winter Tires

    What size wheels/tires can I go to if I replace the entire package? Does that throw off any of the AWD functionality?