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  1. GB3

    Iso 01

    i think i need those splash guards, where'd you get em? Also, what did you use to smoke your emblems and exhaust covers? Your car looks amazing btw!
  2. GB3

    Close Up Gloss Black Bezel

    Yeah, curious, were these painted or vinyl?
  3. So I recently bought a '15 Edge Sport and am looking to lower it a bit. After having done quite a bit of research, most notably in this forum, it seems like H&R are the way to go. Curious though, what has it done to each of your overall ride qualities? It rides really well stock, like I'm riding on a pillow, but I'm assuming that has mostly to do with the shocks...would that be accurate? I understand it will get a bit more stiff, but don't want to compromise ride quality as it's my everyday car. I mostly drive around town/freeways. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated!
  4. GB3

    20180524 191905

    How much did you lower it? H&R sport springs?
  5. Aftermarket splash guards? Where'd you get em? They look great!
  6. GB3


    How much did you lower it?