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  1. teetertotter

    From one veteran to another...

    There are a couple of us Veterans fm early 60's to one younger one from early 90's that see each other at the same time at the Citrus Café around 9:45 am, not every day. Only when you feel like it. We sit at the counter and may have to yell across. lol. I used to volunteer at our local Veterans Rehab shelter for 2 years, as a driver, 4 years ago. I retired 11 years ago from a manufacturing firm. I have state military license plates and some do acknowledge. Yes, many Veterans are in dire need, and we need to acknowledge them every time we see them. As one mentioned, take one out to eat that maybe homeless, for example. I have heard MANY stories/experiences.
  2. teetertotter

    Moving On

    Hope you are enjoying the Outback. I recently left the GMC Acadia forum after 14 years. Many transitions there too. Several are still there since 2007 with even the original and several kept replacing w newer Acadia's. Again, enjoy your new ride!
  3. teetertotter

    Mustang SUV

    To me, it looks like a shoe box.
  4. teetertotter

    Do You Like Your Edge?

    I sure do and only been a short while. Navigation is more user friendly than GM on the old 14' GMC Acadia, we had. Wife is in love with the heated steering wheel in our WI. winters. We have gotten used to the dial-amatic shifting. Most important, we can turn off the STOP/START feature. lol Don't have cooling seats....DARN.
  5. teetertotter

    New Member

    Happy to join this Forum.