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  1. Hello all, I’ve been lurking in the forum for a few weeks now and finally made an account. Hoping to get some help from some forum experts here. We have a 2011 Ford Edge with 180000 miles. About to take it on our move to Italy and want all the kinks worked out before we go to a place with no ford support. Now, I’m a pilot by trade, some what mechanically inclined. I do spark plugs and oil regularly , understand the concepts of multimeters (never used one though) and have the Haynes manual for my car. symptoms: -cruise control works intermittently (20%) of the Time.. sometimes the cruise control turns on other times it does not. The other day it worked fine then I got gas and it didn’t work, I’ve also seen functionality on all the buttons during one ride. So one particular button doesn’t appear bad. -the ok button on left side of steering wheel control works maybe 1 out of 10 pushes -horn seems like it’s missing one one of the horns when I press it on the wheel -right side steering wheel control buttons totally operational a -left side steering wheel left/ right and up down seem functional. solutions: - replaces the left Side control button panels completely option 2 - based power wiring sounds like this could be a left clock spring failure. Maybe replace the clock spring . Could I confirm this with a multi meter ? questions: -I’m nervous about doing work with the airbag, I’ve read several iterations of precautions. Disconnect battery and negative as well, wait up to 30 minutes then you can start working on the wheel with no airbag issues. Also read to pull the fuse for the airbag, any other suggestions or things I’m missing. - if I go to replace the clock spring do I need to do a steering wheel alignment? Or if it aligns with the arrows it will automatically align? -based on the symptoms what do you suspect is wrong? How would I figure out if it’s the buttons or the clock spring ? - any other guides you’d recommend before doing this mx? Which tools do I need for the clock spring release and steering wheel bolts ? Thanks all! - Capcadet