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  1. I am looking into a used 19 Edge Titanium with only 6000 miles on it as well as a new 2020 SEL. Can anyone who has had the Titanium give me a history on a serious problems with it? I have always had a Ford and currently on our second Edge right now, a 2013 SEL and before that had a 2009 Limited with never any problems.
  2. We currently have a 2013 Edge SEL with 113,000 miles on it. It had an ESP on it up to 100,000 miles and the ESP was barely used. I also had a 2011 Explorer XLT that I bought used back in 2014 with 27,000 miles on it. When it was about to hit the factory warranty deadline Ishopped around and purchased a Ford ESP from Anderson Koch Ford in MN, I live in PA. Glad I did because that Explorer had tons of problems. I traded it in 2017 to lease a Nissan Rogue which I have to turn in next month. I am going back to a Ford but looking at a used 2019 Edge Titanium with 27,000 miles on it and wanted to get any suggestions on getting an ESP near the end of the factory warranty on this? Our 13 Edge has been great and is our second one when we had a 2009 Edge Limited before that. Any thoughts of where and should I get one on the used Edge? Is it worth it?
  3. DelSil

    P0304 code on 13 Edge

    The past few days my 2013 Edge with 102,000 on it, has been running rough and today the check engine light came on. The code was P0304 which is #4 cylinder misfire. Will replacing the plug and coil fix the problem?
  4. Bayshore Ford in Delaware, where I have the vehicle, told me my Edge is not covered in this CSP #. They did mention though this is the exact issue this bulletin covers so I opened a case # with Ford to get this taken care of by them. the repair will cost me $1100 according to Bayshore
  5. Came across this thread and just had this happen to my 13 Edge even though my brakes are still somewhat operational. A Ford dealership in Delaware I take it to told me it is the brake booster and there is a bulletin #13N02 for 2010-2013 Edge with this exact issue. But guess what, mine was not on the list so I called Ford and got a case started to have this covered. I was told not to drive the car until it is repaired. Here is the link to my thread regarding the issue:
  6. I have a 2013 Edge with 96000 miles and yesterday as I was coming to a stop there was a decent sounding squeal coming from my brake pedal when it was fully depressed. It almost sounded like a warning sound. Also when idling at a stop, there is slight hiss sound coming from there as well. I did find a service bulletin that may be in conjunction with this. The bulletin # is 13N02 and it explains it is a brake booster and is covered for 10 years or 150,000 miles. It also explains that it is the result of a tear in the diaphragm. Has anyone had this issue and is it covered by Ford?