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  1. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    Unfortunately we have a front plate requirement. So the ugly mount is staying. 😩
  2. txaggie

    Black lug nut replacements - finally!!

    Yup, by the time I pay tax, pretty much the same
  3. txaggie

    Black lug nut replacements - finally!!

    Not sure, I guess we’ll see. However, I had black lug nuts on black custom wheels for my Ford Explorer for 7 years and they held up, so I’m going with them.
  4. One thing I have not been happy with are the chrome lug nuts on the black wheels. Well, after trying ones from Gorilla and McGard, I finally located ones that work very well. The issue with the others is that under the lug nuts Ford machined the holes to smooth the mating surface. This leaves a silver ring, and the Gorilla and McGard were too small in diameter and they allowed the ring to be seen. I finally found a company in California - https://veritekperformance.com/ lug nuts - VPE-1415FMFOEBK locking - VPE-NFD1415LKBK Looks like they are made for a Mustang, but they work incredibly well.
  5. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    I was going back and forth between this and the blue, very glad that I picked this one
  6. txaggie

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Gadgetjq beat me to it. But yeah everything you need is in that post!
  7. txaggie

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    Not sure what year you have, but my 19 ST had the single tone horn. I added a dual horn setup from a 2018 and it was an easy install. In the 19 you only have to remove the headlight, not sure about other years. It uses existing mount point and wiring.
  8. txaggie


    are those factory wheels? If so, it looks like you have black lug nuts. Can you tell me where you got them? Thanks!
  9. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

  10. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    Done with most of the modifications to my ST. Got some good pictures this morning with appropriate background.
  11. txaggie

    Got new wheels and tires.

    Looks nice!
  12. txaggie

    Splash guards installed on 2019 ST

    Thanks! Given the above information that the guards haven't been for any version of sport or ST, I am happy that I went ahead and tried it. As for the color, I love it!! Once I get my windows tinted next week, then I'll give a full car shot, as I think dark windows will really make the color look good.
  13. txaggie

    Molded Splash Guards ST

    See separate thread for my pics
  14. txaggie

    Splash guards installed on 2019 ST

    I really like the look they provide, and as I said, hopefully they will produce ones that are correctly molded for our version. On the fronts, I had to drill one hole to create an additional push pin location, but all of the other connections are done with existing holes/hardware.