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  1. txaggie

    New Storage Solutions

    These were delivered and installed today. Pretty nice and will work very well, thanks for the heads-up on them!!
  2. txaggie

    New ST-Line

    Agreed, they should have called it something different. I propose "ST-lite"
  3. txaggie

    New Storage Solutions

    Great solutions! BTW, I have used the seat tray to store my umbrella from day 1
  4. txaggie

    Livernois ST Tune

    Well, ordered the Livernois system today, can't wait to get it! 😎
  5. txaggie

    Livernois ST Tune

    Does the tune disable or reset the FORScan modifications?
  6. txaggie

    Track Time Results

    Great news, can't wait to see the results!!
  7. txaggie

    Audio build in 2019 Edge St

    looks like a very good installation!
  8. This is cool, nice job!!
  9. txaggie

    Livernois ST Tune

    Thanks for the reply!
  10. txaggie

    Livernois ST Tune

    With the Livernois tune, how does this affect everyday driving? Does it feel jumpy when you just want to smoothly accelerate in city/highway driving?
  11. txaggie

    Auto Stop Eliminator For The Nautilus

    If you haven't purchased/installed the Autostop Eliminator yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do!!
  12. txaggie

    Auto Stop Eliminator For The Nautilus

    Glad you were able to fix it fairly easily. This was the first modification I made to my ST this past summer. Before I even signed the paperwork, I knew I wanted/needed a solution to turn that thing off. I had this installed within the first week.
  13. My 2019 ST behaves like yours. Accelerate disables the cruise, lane mind, and adaptive, until I let off the gas and it resumes to the set speed and other settings.
  14. txaggie

    Splash guards installed on 2019 ST

    That is correct, they went on perfectly, with the addition of one drilled hole. But no trimming needed for the splash guard (unlike the rears)
  15. txaggie

    Splash / Mud Guard issue

    Here is my original post about them -