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  1. based on your description I might look at the right front hub/bearing assembly
  2. txaggie

    CV Fabrication FMIC

    Please update us on your install with pics and such
  3. txaggie

    ABS / Trac Light On

    Yes they are very fragile but easy to replace (done in both my Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer) after doing wheel hub replacements.
  4. Sorry to hear you won’t be making any more. Your ingenuity and creativeness was fun to watch!
  5. txaggie

    Rear brakes squeal

    The perhaps the cables need adjustment for the new thickness of the discs?
  6. txaggie

    Rear brakes squeal

    Does the 2009 have electronic parking brake? If so did you put it in maintenance mode when you worked on the brakes?
  7. txaggie

    2020 ST RDU fill plug access

    Yeah, that looks like it should work!!
  8. txaggie

    2020 ST RDU fill plug access

    I just completed this project last weekend (2019 ST) and yes Ford engineers made access an absolute pain!! I essentially did what you are thinking with the 3/8" steel rod and used a 3/8" breaker bar from Autozone. I took the tool apart because you still can't get the angle quite right, put the 3/8" piece in and when it was aligned, I put the bar's "U" section around the piece and turned it a quarter turn at a time. When it wouldn't line up exactly right, I used an allen key pushed through the hole on the 3/8" piece to turn it enough to get the bar back on. Fortunately it isn't in there too tight. https://www.autozone.com/ratchets-sockets-and-wrenches/breaker-bar-tool/p/duralast-3-8in-drive-10in-breaker-bar/565694_0_0
  9. txaggie

    PTU cooling beginning in 2021 ?

    Yes, my 2019 ST has cooling into the PTU.
  10. txaggie

    Switch from Ford to Honda

    That Integra sounds fun!
  11. There are no screws or anything holding it down after you remove the 2 side pieces. Just pull up evenly from the sides, it will pop out.
  12. txaggie

    Eight speed?.

    On my 2019 ST, it doesn't use 8th gear in sport mode. To confirm, going 70mph in 8th gear in normal mode, hit the "S" button and car downshifted to 7th. Paddle shifters won't let it go to 8th in sport mode.
  13. Great result with minimal effort. Made a huge difference in the overall quality of the sub sound.