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  1. txaggie

    2019 Ford Edge ST Replacement Tire Options

    I put the Michelin Premier LTX on my 2019 at 24,000miles. So far I am very pleased with them. However, they DEFINITELY don't have the stick like the original P-zeros! But the fact that it has 60k warranty was enough to convince me I didn't need the P-Zeros.
  2. txaggie

    Clunk when baking out of a parking spot

    Stopping by this evening to have mine done, hopefully I will have the same success to report!
  3. txaggie

    Clunk when baking out of a parking spot

    Thanks for the update Outlook214 !
  4. txaggie

    Oil Change timeline

    I always change mine at 5k, and the maintenance tracker in the display menu system always says ~50% oil life. Soooooo, my guess is 10k.
  5. txaggie

    iPhone holder or Mount

    I have this in mine, I really like it - https://www.proclipusa.com/category/car-dashboard-mounts
  6. txaggie

    Tyre suggestions for EDGE ST 2020

    I just put Michelin Premier LTX tires on my 2019 ST. I did get 23,000 with the OEM Pirellis, but I wanted something with a little more life, and I didn’t feel like I needed the performance of the Pirellis for everyday driving.
  7. txaggie

    Exhaust tips - painting

    Probably didn't need to raise the rear wheels to clear, but I backed it up on the lip of my garage entrance to get me a little more room to work with, probably a couple of inches. The biggest thing is that the screw on the top, you will not be able to see it, you will have to feel for it. I actually took video with my phone of the top of it to make sure what I was trying to find.
  8. txaggie

    Exhaust tips - painting

    I actually removed them. There is one screw on the top that is a little difficult to get to, but worth the effort to not have to mask the bumper off.
  9. txaggie

    Exhaust tips - painting

    I used plastidip and I really liked the effect. And like has already been pointed out, I can remove it easily.
  10. txaggie

    Black lug nut replacements - finally!!

    I would agree, that I have been a little disappointed with the scuffing and subsequent rust marks. I'll be interested to hear what you think about the McGard, I found them to be too thin and there was a visible chrome ring around that showed. The Veriteks were the only ones with a wide enough base to completely cover that ring, that's why I went with them. And I tried McGard, Gorilla, and a couple others.
  11. txaggie

    Looking at 21 Edge ST, have questions

    Fits just fine, no rubs, no interference at all. In fact, if you look under the tray that holds the inflation kit, you'll find a nice well that the spare tire fits right in. And as for not included, my guess is a weight savings issue more than anything.
  12. txaggie

    Looking at 21 Edge ST, have questions

    Welcome the forum. I have a 2019 ST with the brake package, and mine didn't come with a spare. HOWEVER, after waiting a week for a replacement tire back in September and realizing what a joke the slime inflation system would be in a real emergency, I did some research and found that the standard Edge spare does in fact fit, and fits very nicely in the spot below the cover in the rear (almost like it belongs there). I bought the spare from ebay for about $80 shipped. My point is don't let the lack of a spare dissuade you from your purchase, it is a pretty easy thing to correct.
  13. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    Frisco, Texas
  14. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    These are the ones I found -
  15. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    Not many - JLT Catch Can, black lug nuts, autostop eliminator, 5% tint on the back doors and tailgate. Strictly cosmetic mods or things I like