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  1. txaggie

    Switch from Ford to Honda

    That Integra sounds fun!
  2. There are no screws or anything holding it down after you remove the 2 side pieces. Just pull up evenly from the sides, it will pop out.
  3. txaggie

    Eight speed?.

    On my 2019 ST, it doesn't use 8th gear in sport mode. To confirm, going 70mph in 8th gear in normal mode, hit the "S" button and car downshifted to 7th. Paddle shifters won't let it go to 8th in sport mode.
  4. Great result with minimal effort. Made a huge difference in the overall quality of the sub sound.
  5. txaggie

    WTS - Livernois My Calibrator Tuner

    Tuner is Sold thanks!
  6. txaggie

    WTS - Livernois My Calibrator Tuner

    yes it is
  7. txaggie

    WTS - Livernois My Calibrator Tuner

    Sorry I am not sure that I know the answer to this - here is the website - https://www.livernoismotorsports.com
  8. txaggie

    WTS - Livernois My Calibrator Tuner

    Bump - reduced to $160 shipped
  9. txaggie

    Bad Gas Odor

    Looks like that is the hose they sent me this time, so hopefully this solves it once and for all. So far so good!
  10. txaggie

    Bad Gas Odor

    Got the new hoses in yesterday and installed them. So far so good, they are quite different, thicker, not as flexible. Hopefully they fix the problem once and for all,I have attached a photo showing the new hose type (green writing) -
  11. Yes, this absolutely sounds like my experiences with my 2019 Edge ST. Little things stopped working, one day it was the button for the liftgate, then it was interior lights not staying on, then it was not able to lock/unlock from any door besides the drivers. Replace the battery and you should be good. Here was my post -
  12. txaggie

    Bad Gas Odor

    No I got the same ones that you did in March 2021, the ones being sent are supposed to be another upgrade.
  13. txaggie

    Bad Gas Odor

    Well the good news is I don't have to put up with the odor, because it looks like there is a solution. Talked with them this afternoon and they have another upgraded hose (Gates brand) and they are sending them to me for install.