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  1. txaggie


    looks awesome!! I like the RR wheels!
  2. Upgraded my iPhone last night with the 13.1 iOS update. When I plugged in today to use Apple Carplay (2019 ST latest Sync3) it came up with a screen option like the factory one. Map on the left half, quick link phone top 1/4, and music/podcast bottom 1/4. HOWEVER, the maps (apple or google) didn't display anything in the left half. If I selected the map (either one) it went full screen with all detail like you'd expect. Wonder if there is a slight bug in 13.1 and car play. Anyone else looked at this?
  3. txaggie

    Puddle Lights Part Deux

    has anyone tried/had luck with the ones that project the Ford logo on the ground?
  4. txaggie

    Splash / Mud Guard issue

    I see what you mean about the chrome strip. I had to modify/cut the rears to get them to fit on my ST and the material is very soft and easy to shape with a sharp knife.
  5. txaggie

    Some pics of my ST

    I painted the openings with PlastiDip (5 coats), it is easy to remove if I didn't like it, but I do like it 😄
  6. Very easy to do, the video shows how to get under there -
  7. txaggie

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Thanks guys, I didn't page down far enough. I have the program/adapter so I'll give it a try tonight.
  8. txaggie

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Can you describe the procedure for clearing the cache?
  9. txaggie

    Poor trans shifting theory investigation

    Can you please describe the procedure for doing so?
  10. txaggie

    Looking for jack lift points

    I usually find a frame rail or solid point where the suspension mounts to when I place my jack stands. So while they are close to the jack, they are further in than the jacking rails
  11. I know this is probably one of those things that only annoyed me, but I found a solution and I thought I would share. In my 2019 ST, the cup holders have the 4 little push out tabs that hold the cup in place. I always have a large styrofoam cup, and those little tabs hold on with a vengeance that I always thought were either going to punch a hole in the bottom, or I'd pull the lid off while trying to get the cup out. I took apart the panel that holds them and found that the tension is controlled by a solid rubber tubing that runs through each of the tabs - The tension is maintained by the zig zag portion in the middle. So I just moved it out of the guides: There is still enough tension to put a little pressure on the cup, but it won't leave marks or grab ahold of the cup.
  12. txaggie

    Looking for jack lift points

    For the rear, it wasn't as reinforced, but you are lifting much less weight. So I still put in on the rail close to the fender well.
  13. txaggie

    Looking for jack lift points

    I have a floor jack and used the solid portion with the bolts just behind the fender well