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  1. txaggie


    Looks nice!!
  2. txaggie

    Upgrade to sync 3.4

    I will agree with this, the default blue isn’t great, and the other 3 choices don’t look so good either
  3. txaggie

    Assistive Cruise Question

    I am going to assume you have lane assist activated. The orange means that it isn't able to determine both sides of the lane and therefore won't be helping you with lane assist at that moment, until it goes back green.
  4. Thanks for the link!! To build up the OD on the exhaust, did you just wrap with HVAC tape? (ETA - and sorry for the double post on FB, just didn't know what was the easiest way to reach you)
  5. Ok, so your FB post about this has me thinking about this mod again. Where did you find the exhaust tips? Thanks - Deron
  6. txaggie

    Start Stop Disable

    Did this the first week I owned the car
  7. Looks good!! Thanks again!
  8. nice page, like the update, thanks!! ETA - some of the phone pics don't have the correct url, I get a 404 error, for instance - https://www.gadgetjq.net/edge/phone/phone/bracket.jpg