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  1. DrivingofftheEdge

    Looking to buy 2016-2018 SEL

    I have a 2009 edge limited looking to trade it in for an SEL 2016-2018. Is there any major problems with these years and what would be a decent price?
  2. DrivingofftheEdge

    Rear Differential fluid change procedure

    What about trying seafoam for a bit?
  3. DrivingofftheEdge

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

  4. DrivingofftheEdge

    Water Pump Failure Prevention

    How long do you guesstimate an engine swap takes and how would someone do it without a lift?
  5. DrivingofftheEdge

    O2 removal????

    2009 Edge Limited Awd how do you get the bank 1 sensor 2 out? I cant get a wrench even in there.