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  1. @omar302 that's a great video - well made and the camera stays on the subject he is talking about I know a bit more about my car now
  2. Touch the arrow Icon when in map display and the screen orientation will change to what you prefer and use the plus and minus icons to zoom in or out Spend a few minutes playing with settings and you will soon find how to achieve what you like best
  3. westville

    Aftermarket Grille options for 2019

    I think the chrome adds something to white cars - here's my Vignale from the UK
  4. westville

    Greetings from UK

    Both correct gents - it is Ford's top of the range model over here - or should I say was as they have now discontinued RHD models of the Edge for the UK market. The Edge is not very common and Vignale even less so - I like the idea that I have a rare car on my hands
  5. westville

    Edge Vignale from the UK

    UK Spec Edge model known as the Vignale over here
  6. westville

    Greetings from UK

    Recently bought a top of the range (in the UK) Ford Edge Vignale - unfortunately Ford have decided to discontinue RHD models so the cars are and will become rare. Hoping to learn about the vehicle from you guys over the pond and maybe even contribute some ideas from over here