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  1. Hey everyone! I have a question... hope someone has the answer.. lol. I have a 2016 Edge Titanium with stock 20” rims. I’ve found a nice set of RTX Black 20” rims I’d like to buy but the offset is different. After some investigating, the OEM rims are a 52.5mm offset and the rims I’m looking to purchase are 35mm. Does anyone know if the difference in offset will be a problem? Or do I need to buy spacers or something? any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  2. Thanks! I was afraid of that.. 😳 I’ll let you guys know how I make out! 🤙
  3. Hey all, I have a 2016 titanium with factory HIDs. I’m in Canada so I have the DRLs also. I really would like to change out the H15 DRLs to LED but I’d like them to match the colour of the signature bumper LEDs. Does anyone know the exact colour of the bumper LEDs? I have tried a set of H15 bulbs at 6500K and they aren’t even close. Lol. I’d love to put LED headlights in also but I know that’s not possible with the factory HIDs. Can anyone give me any ideas?? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve looked into the Phillips white vision and they claim they are very close to a LED colour. I m thinking I might purchase these.. 👍 I’ve also looked at the Osram Night Brraker laser. They are only 4300K and nervous that they won’t be the same colour as the signature LEDs in the bumper. Omar: the H15 you used in the DRLs.. Are they LED? Thanks again guys!
  5. Hey everyone! New to the forum, and love it! Very informative! I bought a new (new to me) 2016 Edge Titanium. Absolutely love it. Awesome ride. The only disappointment is the factory HIDs. Not bright enough for me. I put a set of LEDs my other Edge that had factory Halogens. That was amazingly bright and loved the colour. Matched the fogs perfectly. In doing some research, it seems I can’t put the LEDs in my new ride with the factory HIDs. I’m currently trying to find a much brighter D3S bulb around the 6000K mark. Trying to find the same colour as the LED fogs. I’ve found a set of Osram blue boost that are aground 5500-5700K once their warmed up. A little pricy though but I don’t mind as long as their brighter than the stock ones. Since I’m in Canada, I have the DRLs also. I’d like to change them out also but not sure if I can just plug in some LEDs for them or not... I think they are an H15 bulb? can anyone give me some suggestions for the headlight bulbs and the DRLs? I would greatly appreciate it!! 😁 Thanks in advance!! Scott.