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  1. Tortured Soul

    2019 Owners - Miles logged

    Just clicked past 8000KM approaching 1 year on my '19 ST No issues, but due for an oilchange and 1st service anytime now
  2. Tortured Soul

    Question on Blue Screen Of Death - Cooling Seats

    Display powered by Windows '95 😄
  3. Tortured Soul

    Car Wash issues?

    Thanks for the replies. While I can't be certain that I didn't spray under the kick sensor, I might have. If that's the case, easy fix. I'm pretty sure I avoided the area because of that potential problem. This last time it happened, I took my coat off and threw it in the driver's seat because it was hot in there. The FOB was in the pocket. I haven't setup an entry keycode for the panel yet. I should probably do that.
  4. Tortured Soul

    Car Wash issues?

    Is it just me? I have now had more than one instance with the hatch door wanting to open while I'm washing the vehicle at the local car wash using high pressure sprayers Today was quite perplexing as the hatch door attempted to open, pause, close Then a minute later same thing Very embarrassing.... Of course the place was full with all bays occupied, and more than one person happily offering advice. {sigh}
  5. Tortured Soul

    Seat Covers

    yeah... I work in a mill that produces spruce veneer that sap gets on your pants shirt everything big blobs of it sometimes. I got a cheap seat cover for the driver's seat at Canadian Tire
  6. Tortured Soul

    ST at race track

    hard to keep a straight face when someone says a Ford Edge smokes a Corvette
  7. I just got my Ford Edge ST I love it, but can I love it more? Are these things really a good option? Or will it just piss your dealership off?