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  1. Turn the car off, open the driver door, let everything shut down, start the ignition again and it should clear. if that doesn’t do it, disconnect the battery and try that again. if it’s still locked up, than I’d take it to a dealer.
  2. My girlfriend has a Mazda CX-5 that’s blown two heater cores Within 60k miles. nobody is safe..
  3. No dice, I need to take apart the center console to replace the USB hub under the radio if I want to use CarPlay
  4. SOLVED: In one of my tech kits, I found a USB 2.0 Flash Drive a client gave me and I re-attempted the Sync upgrade thinking "maybe the port can't read a USB 3.0/3.1 device". Plugged it into the top port in the center stack and... Eureka! Updated from Sync 3 v1.0 to 3.0 in about 20 minutes flat. Maps didn't load until I cycled the ignition and opened the doors to reboot the electronics, but after that it looks to be successful. It retained my audio settings, bluetooth connections, which is good. Apple CarPlay doesn't work at all, I guess I need to swap out the USB ports in the console? I'm not going to do that. I'm' worried if I tear out the console and plug in new ports that it'll start to creak and rattle like it did in my Focus when I installed a new shifter in it. I wish the map update was also free, I'm not sure how I feel about spending $100 on a map update. That being said, there's been a ton of road construction in my area in the last 4 years and the maps in the car are quite out of date. Is there a cheaper/free option vs ordering the maps from ford for $100 or $140? P.S. I formatted the USB drive to FAT32 (Master Boot Record) and set up the folder structure as follows in the photo attached. This is per the instructions if you were to install the update via Windows, not MacOS.... Here's a link to the USB Device I used, the Sandisk Cruzer Force 16GB: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00C9Q5PGM/ref=twister_B00EVO6ETC?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  5. (16 Sport) There's alot I like about the Edge, but I'll have to see see in 5-10 years how I feel about it. I drove a lightly modified Focus ST for 7 years and was reluctant to get rid of it, but I was always running out of cargo space, and my mother in law couldn't fit in the front recaros. This was the closest I could get without going import and being destroyed by the eventual repair bills. GM and FCA didn't have anything that felt as premium as the Edge at the time (probably still don't). The Porsche Cayenne or Audi SQ5 are probably ideal cars for me, but they're way too expensive to buy, way too expensive to fix, and I didn't want to be a "Porsche SUV Guy". I'm a littler over a month into ownership, instead of writing a book, here are my notes: Good -Platinum white's a great color -Hwy fuel mileage - avg 25-7ish -Motor has good torque -Heated and reclining rear seats are great for passengers -cavernous rear storage -kick open lift gate *awesome* -remote start -cabin dampens road noise well -pano sunroof is *awesome* -front camera(!) -decent but not great stereo (just good enough not to replace) -Ford's optional console vault is cool -Cheap repairs compared to imports -Transmission is fine (considering what the vehicle is), should be reliable -sport mode is noticeably different compared to Drive Bad -suspension is surprisingly chattery and stiff -seats in general. They're not very deep, and they don't lower enough. at lowest setting my eyes are level with the rear view mirror (I'm 6'4", so unless I'm in a BMW this is a problem) -City mileage (avg14-17ish) -Brakes are only adequate -auto parking is a joke -chome on black wheels are cheesy, wish they were solid silver -DVD players in the headrests are of low quality -steering at parking lot speeds has unusual weight to it -I seem to have a hardware problem that prevents me from updating SYNC. I didn't test drive a 2.0T because I know that motor very well from my Focus ST and wanted something different. Right off the bat I know I would have hated Ford's throttle mapping for it, and 4400lbs dry with nobody/nothing inside I think is just too much weight for it to haul. I'll routinely load up 400+lbs of equipment in the back of this car.
  6. So I tried again tonight on my drive home and still no luck. 32GB USB 2.0, formatted to FAT32, .ZIP file extracted to exactly what Ford has on the Sync update website... the .GZ files can be unzipped, maybe I should do that?
  7. Man that terrifies me. Which port are you using in the dash? I plugged in an SSD and a USB stick and it didn’t recognize either. I’d be curious if there are any other changes outside of CarPlay that you notice.
  8. My Sync in my 2016 doesn’t look anything like that... is that OEM?
  9. Yeah I wish the cameras on the edge were better. The rear being low-res is fine, I barely use it anyway. But the front cameras and the way the 2nd display mode corrects for the fisheye distortion is really jenky. I wish it was left uncorrected.
  10. Ron Jeremy

    Transmission and LMS Tune

    Oh yeah, you're good! lol This is good info, I've decided I'm probably not going to tune the car. Power is good enough for me, and I drive this car much more gingerly than I did the Focus ST, as the fuel mileage isn't super great. WOT over the last couple weeks of initial ownership has been a very rare occurrence.
  11. Ron Jeremy

    Transmission and LMS Tune

    Good info, I'll keep an eye out on that PTU. I bought the car with 33k miles on it, so it's probably fine for now.
  12. Ron Jeremy

    Transmission and LMS Tune

    I just picked up my 16 Sport last week, and discovered the Livernois tune last night. They claim +100HP and +100TQ which I find to be totally bombastic. IF IT'S REAL, how do the pistons/rings and transmission cope with the extra torque? What other ford models share the same tranny part number? I drove a Cobb Stg3 Focus ST for 7 perfect years, over 100k miles not a single mechanical issue. I am religious when it comes to maintinentce It was far and away the best car I've ever had. I used to do AutoX and SCCA stuff, but my driving now consists of hauling tons of camera equipment in gridlock traffic. Gone with the race car, in with the comfortable and quiet wagon. Now I didn't buy this car to mod it, I just happened to discover the tune on this board. I'm 99% content with how it is stock because it's extremely easy to drive smoothly. Also, I don't want to think about the fuel costs of running premium in it and driving it fast. Anyway, Having a tune that increases stock power by THAT MUCH sounds dangerous without stronger driveline components to me. I've just seen too many childishly aggressive drivers blow up their motors by laying into it at low RPM's, and thrash their transmissions by shifting hard or dumping clutches. I can't seem to find much data about reliability running the LMS tune, and I'm wondering when people have had stuff break when running it, what broke, and do we know why?
  13. Ron Jeremy

    Focus ST 18" Snowflakes on 15+ Edge

    AMAZING! Can’t wait, ordering snow’s today!