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  1. Ron Jeremy

    Transmission and LMS Tune

    Good info, I'll keep an eye out on that PTU. I bought the car with 33k miles on it, so it's probably fine for now.
  2. Ron Jeremy

    Transmission and LMS Tune

    I just picked up my 16 Sport last week, and discovered the Livernois tune last night. They claim +100HP and +100TQ which I find to be totally bombastic. IF IT'S REAL, how do the pistons/rings and transmission cope with the extra torque? What other ford models share the same tranny part number? I drove a Cobb Stg3 Focus ST for 7 perfect years, over 100k miles not a single mechanical issue. I am religious when it comes to maintinentce It was far and away the best car I've ever had. I used to do AutoX and SCCA stuff, but my driving now consists of hauling tons of camera equipment in gridlock traffic. Gone with the race car, in with the comfortable and quiet wagon. Now I didn't buy this car to mod it, I just happened to discover the tune on this board. I'm 99% content with how it is stock because it's extremely easy to drive smoothly. Also, I don't want to think about the fuel costs of running premium in it and driving it fast. Anyway, Having a tune that increases stock power by THAT MUCH sounds dangerous without stronger driveline components to me. I've just seen too many childishly aggressive drivers blow up their motors by laying into it at low RPM's, and thrash their transmissions by shifting hard or dumping clutches. I can't seem to find much data about reliability running the LMS tune, and I'm wondering when people have had stuff break when running it, what broke, and do we know why?
  3. Ron Jeremy

    Focus ST 18" Snowflakes on 15+ Edge

    AMAZING! Can’t wait, ordering snow’s today!
  4. Coming from a Focus ST, I have a couple sets of wheels. I know my 17"s with snow tires won't fit, that's fine. But word on the street is the 18's will clear the brakes of the 16 Edge Sport? I can't seem to find a definitive number on the Edge's offset to see if the snowflakes will clear. I'm totally okay with using spacers. The OEM Focus ST snowflakes are 18x8 et55. I'd be STOKED if they fit and I can put some fat snow tires on them for my 16 Edge Sport
  5. Car's got Sync 3, just not Sync 3 V3.4. My experience with Sync 2 out of the Focus was "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".
  6. I've been looking for a changelog for each Sync release, and I can't. I don't think I'm going to update it if the only update is CarPlay. Takes an hour of the car idling, which is insane for a 4GB file.
  7. Coming from a Focus ST, I find the weight penalty of a bigger car makes the brakes on the Edge to be less than stellar. They seem to be the same size as what was on the Focus, just stopping a 1400lb heavier vehicle. Question, does the Edge ST use a beefier and stronger brake setup? There are so many similarities between the old Sport and current ST, I wouldn't be surprised if they're the same part.
  8. Looks fine to me, I wouldn't worry about any of that. Surface rust is completely normal and expected. If you live in an area with low dew points/rains alot, this kind of stuff happens nearly instantly after driving off the lot. At least you don't live in an area that salts roads, or in beach town. I drive to the coast alot and all the cars older than a few years have bad rust. That salt from the ocean that wafts in the air is killer.
  9. Hey! Just took delivery of a 16 Edge Sport, super nice car. Coming from a loaded 14 Focus ST, there are some things I miss, but also some new things I really enjoy. Related to the Sync System, I'm not a huge fan of Apple Car play. I guess there's a USB module that needs to be changed out anyway to upgrade that. My question is, can I upgrade from Sync 3 v1 to v3 myself, via USB? Are there any real improvements over the versions? V1 in the car works flawlessly, although the maps are out of date on my regular commute. If it's working perfect, should I upgrade? What would I notice? Can I upgrade the maps without updating the whole system? Thx
  10. Ron Jeremy

    ST Grille on SE?

    99% sure it just pops right out
  11. Ron Jeremy

    Has anyone added heated mirrors?

    My Focus ST had these, and it's one of the things I miss most about that car.