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  1. 2007 Edge SEL AWD. Does anyone know the size of the front spindle nut? I know it takes a 36mm socket, but what about the thread size? Or maybe a part # for Napa, Autozone, or O'riellys? I'm trying to find one local, but they keep giving me the wrong size
  2. adworden

    Right front axle removal?

    This is the collar i am talking about. Looks like it's held on by 3 bolts. Does it have anything to do with holding the axle in?
  3. 2007 Edge SEL AWD. Trying to get the passenger axle out to replace the outer boot. Got the hub off, knuckle off, etc. On the inboard side of the axle there's what appears to be a 'collar' around the shaft. Does this have to be taken off to remove the axle? Any helpful suggestions? Can't even see how to get a hammer up there. Car's taken apart, sitting on jack stands, wife is not very pleased...
  4. adworden

    Other models with this style 18" wheel?

    If they are an Edge only wheel, can someone tell me what other Ford models run on 18" wheels? With the right offset, hub, etc? We just bought some new 18" tires....
  5. adworden

    Other models with this style 18" wheel?

    Are these just fancy hubcaps? Or "wheel skins"?
  6. adworden

    Shut radio off?

    Sorry. 2007 Edge SEL
  7. What do you call the 'program' that keeps the radio on until I open the door? I want to turn it off...Thanks.
  8. Have a 2007 Edge SEL. Need to replace one 18" wheel. Hope to get one from a junkyard, so I need to know if other models from Ford/Lincoln came factory equipped with this style.
  9. I have a set (2) of 9-light LED driving lights for my 2007 Edge. My questions are: can I wire them directly to the high beams, or do I have to go with relays, switches, etc.? Where would I find a "hot" wire to use? Thanks.
  10. Have a 2007 Edge, only came with one key/fob. Want to get another key and fob, but was told I would have to take it to a dealer to get it programmed. Then I stumbled across how to program the fob myself (on/off several times, etc.). I'm confused. Can I go have a key made and buy a seperate fob (Ebay)? Or what?
  11. adworden

    Edge vs. Taurus?

    Is it my imagination, or does the 2008 TaurusX have the same headlights as a 2007 Edge. Grille looks similar, too.
  12. adworden

    Cup holder?

    Sorry, didn't think of it. But if you're bored someday, and you can go out, look in the aisle with car fresheners at Walmart. It's a little silver can with a black, well, vent on top. That's what it looked like, but junkyard dirty.
  13. adworden

    Cup holder?

    Update: went back and found the Edge at the junkyard...Turns out the 'vent' was a lid from a car air freshener. One of those small metal tins with a black slotted lid. Fit perfect in the cup holder.
  14. I have a 2007 Edge SEL. I need to replace the tie rods, but the junkyard only has one Edge (and no MKX's)....So before i drive there and waste my time, can someone tell me what vehicles\years will interchange? Thanks.
  15. Was at the junkyard the other day and saw a 2012 Edge. Just happened to notice one of the the cup holder has "vents" in the bottom. Is this for cooling? Heating? Thanks.