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  1. F4Gary

    ST Mud Flaps

    I ended up using the Ford hardware for the back and got my own bolts and J nuts from Ace Hardware. They fit really well.
  2. F4Gary

    ST Mud Flaps

    Looks to me like I have to relocate the middle hole in the rear flaps. I will be taking the wheels off.
  3. F4Gary

    ST Mud Flaps

    Just ordered these. How did you end up mounting them? With the included J nuts or with the original Ford push pins? Some of the reviews say they had trouble mounting them. Thanks.
  4. F4Gary

    What do HATE MOST about your Edge or MKX?

    X2 on the power folding mirrors.
  5. We tow our Edge 4 down behind our motorhome and in doing so I have to disconnect the battery. If I didn't have to remove that cover piece, I wouldn't have to leave the car unlocked when I tow it. It is not made to routinely take it off and put it back on as it would wear out the clips that hold it on.
  6. Such a crappy design. Should just have a hole in it for key access like most other manufacturers.
  7. F4Gary

    2019 Ford Edge ST Replacement Tire Options

    I have the Verde AS Plus II on both my Edge Sport and my Silverado and I like them a lot. Quiet, good traction, good in the rain. Haven't been in snow though.
  8. Triggered. Lol. I hardly text at home much less on the road. Why would I stare at the screen while my passenger types in an address? This is hilarious.
  9. I would like to know too. What is the difference with the rear?
  10. Most manufacturers allow it, so it's not "unsafe".
  11. How is it safer than the right seater doing it?
  12. Really dumb. Could do it on our CRV and my Silverado. I guess it's a Ford nanny thing.
  13. I did a search and couldn't find anything. Is there a setting that will let a passenger fiddle with the navigation while I am driving? Seems stupid to not allow a passenger to change a destination when the car is in gear.
  14. F4Gary

    Any ideas for turning off AWD?

    Yes, why do you want it off? Just curious.