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    Good(easy) way to check transmission fluid level?

    My 2013 edge has the fill cap located just between the battery, engine block, and air filter. Its sort of under / between the filter and battery, just next to the transmission mounts.
  2. Elciteeve

    Pto seal

    Has anyone replaced the seal on a 2013 edge se? Lookig to get a kit or list of parts needed. Thanks! Some people refer to it as the ptu seal. Edit - Doing some digging I'm seeing that there is an entire PTO unit that can be replaced. It's only $600.00 for an aftermarket or rebuilt part. I'm wondering if this would be easier / better. I've now come to find that the PTO / PTU is a common part to fail! What a joke! If I'm pulling the axles out to replace seals and so on it might be worth it to replace the entire PTU. The seal sets I've found range between $100.00 and $250.00 so for an extra few hundred or so it might just be worth it to replace the entire assembly. I don't want this to be an all weekend project though if I don't need it to be. I'm having hard shifting and figured the transmission was behaving like it was low on oil. Sure enough when I looked under the car there is oil leaking from the seals. I figured I'd replace the fluids and see what happened. Now I'm wondering if my unit has just gone bad, or even if it hasn't if I should get ahead of the problem before me or my wife are left stranded. I would have thought the rough shifting would be due to low ATF, but the ATF has no dip stick and I see no leaks, and the PTO is leaking on both sides. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all!
  3. Elciteeve

    Misfire After Harmonic Balancer Replaced

    Sounds like classic timing symptoms. You messed with parts which directly affect timing - now you are having a misfire. I would first check to make sure the vehicle is timed properly. Pending that I would check all plugs / coils / springs to make sure everything is still there and functioning properly. Also check the wires for the coils / plugs are securely connected. I have only had my edge for less than a year so I haven't done too much work on one of these vehicles but I've been doing car repairs for about 20 years and this is the sort of thing I've seen happen a lot.
  4. Elciteeve

    Good(easy) way to check transmission fluid level?

    care to snap a picture? I've been looking for an easier way to add fluid to the transmission and haven't found one yet.