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  1. DRbillZ

    Plastic valve covers on new 3.5 L?

    From what I've read it wasn't the tank. It was the strapping that was the problem. Most vehicles have plastic gas tanks now.Good point about heat and deterioration but lots of stuff under the hood is plastic already.
  2. DRbillZ

    Plastic valve covers on new 3.5 L?

    It's basically a cap. A cover. What difference would it make if it were metal or plastic? It isn't structural. Yeah they said the same thing about plastic gas tanks on dirt bikes. Well, at least we don't have rust issues any more... or dents.
  3. DRbillZ

    Iso k&n intake for 2008 edge

    Why do you want one?
  4. "Reviews". Omg. So you're gonna believe what some idiot that generally knows crap about life wrote on the internet?... Oh wait. Seriously, the only way you're gonna know if they're good is to go and see. If it's warranty work what do you have to lose? The average idiot is out looking for imaginary critters on their phone. That's the kind of person that leaves reviews...
  5. I'd report it to the dealer and let them handle it. That would be warranty work. Now, of course, getting it to repeat that for them is another story. But at least it will be documented.
  6. DRbillZ

    Tailgate disable switch - why not?

    That makes sense. 2015+ Left menu on the steering wheel. Take it all the way to the left and search in those options. Driver assist or something like that. I'll look when the wife gets home with the car.
  7. DRbillZ

    Tailgate disable switch - why not?

    Maybe explain more why you want this. It isn't clear to me the reasoning.
  8. Oh, that explains it...
  9. It makes 245 hp from just 2 liters. The 6.6 L Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am developed 180 hp. Seriously, what more do you want? Also, this is a family car. It isn't made to be a race car. If you want quick look into the 2.7 eco boost Sport model.
  10. DRbillZ

    Capless Fuel Fill System Replacement

    Clean it up and lube it. Bet that fixes it up.
  11. My question is this. If you're a mechanic, why did she have the car towed to a dealer?
  12. DRbillZ

    New owner

    Welcome. New '15 here also.
  13. Keep in mind your boat weighs significantly more when you go to yank it out of the water, although that is a temporary situation, but.... If you really want to tow something, get a used pick up just for that job. Nothing pulls like a real V8 and suspension made for towing. We have a brand new 2.0 Edge and while I think it would 'tow' something, it's not even near the same league as our 16 year old Excursion with the 7.3 diesel. And believe it or not the 2.0 has more hp! But not near the torque. Could the Edge tow it? Probably. Will it hold up doing that a lot? Probably not.
  14. DRbillZ

    Not much air coming from vents

    My question is this... Don't people try things out in the car to see if they work ....before buying them?
  15. DRbillZ

    cutting off fuel supply