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    Foothills Parkway, '16 Edge Sport, Morning

    Looks Great! definitely considering the rack on mine also. Would really like to do an “over landing” set up on mine but I feel it’s tough with the edge finding parts.
  2. ahill1089


    Love this, I want to add a little 2 inch lift and change to a similar set up as this on mine. Looks good!
  3. Just dropping a few photos of my Edge.
  4. ahill1089

    Cargo protector fitment

    Very late on the reply but yeah it settled after about a week and has been fine LOL
  5. I got to this point of removing the cover ( also broke the inside clip ) but couldn’t figure out how to remove the actual blinker assembly to replace. Anyone have any idea of that?
  6. hey all, I recently went on ford accessories and ordered a ford edge cargo protector...which I finally picked up at dealer after 3 weeks and had to call myself to find out it had already arrived. I was a bit thrown off when the parts guys came out with a long thin box as I though they would've needed to ship it flat instead of rolled up....anyway I brought it home opened it up and as I set it in the cargo area I notice 20 creases around it because it was packed rolled up instead of flat... ive been trying for the past day to get it to flatten out which it has but all the creases are there so it does not fit smoothly....am I overreacting here? see attached photos and let me know
  7. Hey all 👋 About 10 days ago I picked up a CPO 2019 Titanium w/ 301a from a dealership about 150 miles away. Here's my issue/question. The day I bought it, it had 35,940 miles so by the time I got home it had crossed the 3yr 36k threshold. Since then each time I go out I keep getting a message about the sensor being blocked. Usually it will work for 5 to 10 sometimes 30 minutes before it cancels it. I also noticed it only recognizes cars when I'm about 25 ft behind them with the setting on 4 bars....seems much too close... I've washed and cleaned in front of the grill and sensor. I live in sunny FL and it comes up everyday. does anyone know if this sensor is covered under the 1yr 12k limited warranty? or has anyone else had this problem? or any advice ...ive attached pics below of my ford pass..notice 31 alerts in 10 days 🤣😅
  8. ahill1089

    New 2019 Titanium owner

    Hey there, I just got a CPO 19' Titanium as well, really liking it so far. Had a 13' Fusion before this and its like my Fusion ate donuts and went to university 😅 .
  9. mine is also working, just got my Edge a few days ago..healights must be on auto