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  1. Yeah, it's a 3.5l. During the misfire, could it have shaken the water pump loose? The engine was pretty shaky with 2 cylinders misfiring.
  2. I had 2 cylinders misfiring, 2 and 3. Replaced all the spark plugs, and took to a shop to diagnose why it was still misfiring. They replaced 2nd and 3rd ignition coils. Previous shop replaced 2nd fuel injector, swearing that was the problem (didnt help misfire, but have 1 new fuel injector). Drove good for about 100 miles, then Check Engine lights came on with a P2197 code diagnostic. Replaced MAF because shop said that's most common issue with that code. I cleared the code, haven't had a problem since, but it still smells like something's burning under the hood. I'm not too mechanically inclined so I dont have a lot of tools or equipment but I'm trying to save money instead of throwing it into shops all the time. I was going to buy fuel injector cleaner and hope that eliminates the smell, buy does anyone know why it would still smell like burning? Is something still wrong? Edit: Its a sick sweet smell, only noticable in idle.