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    2013 Edge rear wiper not working

    The ground is usually on the rear body panel or inner quarter panels behind all the trim. bcm would require programming with a Ford tool or a scan tool that can do programming and I can give you the programming as built codes for it. i would check your grounds though first. You’d have to remove all the rear cargo trim and it’s usually a single ground for everything back there. I’ll look up the diagram and post it for you
  2. TurkF26

    2011 Ford Edge Limited - motor shut down ?

    Did you get this resolved? You’ll always get an oil light when the motor dies like that. Could be a mechanical failure all the way to a PCM failure. Interested to know if you got this resolved
  3. TurkF26

    2013 Edge rear wiper not working

    Have you turned the wiper on and used a DVOM to see if you’re getting voltage? If you are also check your ground connections in the gate / rear of vehicle. If one came loose or is dirty you’ll get random things that work erratically or not at all. i can pull a Ford OEM wiring diagram if you need it. Could also be the start of a BCM failure but not likely. I would check voltage and grounds before going any further. Could have a pinched wire somewhere, etc..
  4. TurkF26

    Missing parts after repair?

    2fast4u is right. I work at a lot of bodyshops and Ford didn’t start putting belly pans / under shields really until 2014 and up on most models. My 2012 doesn’t have any belly pans either.
  5. TurkF26

    Updating SYNC

    Mine too about 30 minutes. Just did it while driving on a road trip. Just don’t turn the ignition off while the update is processing. I’ve done a lot of these updates to ford vehicles and have seen them mess up APIM’s and such. Shouldn’t have an issue as long as you keep the car running / battery voltage about 12 volts
  6. TurkF26

    2012 edge

    Mine did the same thing randomly. I found a tsb for a PCM update. Mine did it when I shifted randomly. I’ll pull the tsb and post it in the morning for you. Haven’t had a problem since I updated my PCM with my ford scanner. Unfortunately you’ll need access to a scanner that can program. It will also make you redo the PATS key (anti theft) so you’ll have to have all your keys with you. i know ford dealers charge a lot sometimes at least here in California. Maybe they can help you out since it’s a TSB and known problem? let me know if you want the TSB info. sorry just noticed this was a post from 2018. My bad