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    Car won't accelerate when pressing the gas

    woops, my apologies for opening an old post. @oldtownroller I had 2 mechanic shops diagnose my tranny in my car as the same. I knew it wasn't right. It would run beautifully sometimes and other times would go into the fail safe mode 3 seconds out of the driveway. Regardless, hopefully you moved on to nicer and better things Cheers
  2. burkely001

    Car won't accelerate when pressing the gas

    Camshaft Positioning Sensor. I'll bet my last dollar on it. I had a Nissan Altima once upon a time. When any electrical component started to go or was changed with a non OEM part (specifically sensors), this would throw the entire car out of whack. The cam shaft sensors specifically, were among the worst to diagnose. I went about 10 months at one point where to the car would go into a fail safe mode, throwing no codes but traction control and wouldnt move. There was no take off to it at all. Lesson Learned for me; don't cheap out on electrical components.