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    Only 20 or so cars on the lot

    1) It's a global issue as ALL vehicles (cars, trucks, RV's, boats, motorcycles, etc.) have become more electronic laden over the years. 2) The work from home situation exacerbated the situation as people and companies upgraded computers and systems to handle more remote workers. The hardware manufacturers ramped up their orders when they saw what was happening. 3) Conversely, auto manufacturers delayed or canceled orders at the pandemic's onset because they thought their sales would decline due to fewer people traveling to offices and more layoffs equating to fewer vehicle sales. 4) Because auto, motorcycle, RV, marine engine, etc. manufacturers operate on a JIT (just in time) lean manufacturing philosophy, when they realized their sales weren't declining, but actually increasing, they rushed to place chip orders, only to realize they were late to the game and fell behind computer hardware, smart home product, etc. manufacturers. Due to there only being a relatively few number of chip manufacturers worldwide facing their own supply issues, the initial reaction by the vehicle manufacturers is proving to be the major league PITA they're experiencing now. 5) As big as Earth is, it is actually fairly small as we operate in a true global economy with one tiny pebble tossed in a pond somewhere able to create ripple effects everywhere...
  2. Your best bet is to place some small led lamps or strips along the lower rear valance and tap them into your factory backup lamp/bulb wiring. Since that lighting will be closer to the ground, that should help highlight the camera’s viewing area.
  3. 17SportFL

    Engine Dies while Driving

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ve only had it long enough to fill it up twice, with the most recent one a couple days ago. I’ve burned some fuel since then and noticed the stumble didn’t happen today, so it fits your description. I won’t top it off next time and see what happens then. I have someone that can read my codes, so I’ll look for an evap related code. Thanks, again!
  4. 17SportFL

    Engine Dies while Driving

    So, when you say you “no longer top-off”, what do you mean? Do you let the pump run until it automatically stops and then you’re done? Or are you running down to a certain level and then pumping in something like 15 gallons, for example? I ask because my recently acquired 2017 Sport has a slight stumble at idle that wasn’t there when I test drove it, so I’m wondering what’s causing it. My first thought is a fuel filter, the fuel pump, or both, so the not topping off the tank solution seems a lot easier. Thanks!