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  1. Nicely done. I am considering it. Curious, do you use 93 or 87 petrol in your EDGE ST?
  2. Curious, did you happen to remove the EDGE badge?
  3. circatee

    Ordered mods, need advice!

    Just here to see the responses. Looking for ideas myself...
  4. circatee

    Can Instrument Cluster Screens Be Updated?

    Or, Ford might simply hold out on doing so, to convince consumers to 'upgrade' their cars. A shame really. But...
  5. circatee

    Dark Theme + Platinum Membership

    Any Admins care to share any direction on the questions above? I am a little curious, too. PS: I am aware that this is an old thread...
  6. circatee

    Can Instrument Cluster Screens Be Updated?

    I must admit, coming from a 2018 Mustang GT, with the fancy cluster it had, the EDGE ST leaves a lot to be desired. Even with the 2021 EDGE, I am not sure they 'fully' upgraded the cluster. Honestly, sometimes it really is the small things...
  7. circatee

    Front License Plate

    Some of the comments make it sound like because you received something a certain way, you have to merely accept it; no changes allowed. Flipping heck, honestly...
  8. circatee

    Seat cover 2014

    Versus new seat covers, what about trying a good high quality leather cleaner? The one we use for the sofa at home, seems to make the sofa 'feel' much better Often times, those cleaners give a different 'feel' to the leather. Merely another idea/solution...
  9. circatee

    Front License Plate

    Completely removed, and those three 'dots' is where the holes were That square space at the bottom is standard, its a radar module...
  10. circatee

    Front License Plate

    So much better...
  11. circatee

    Losing power

    I am not a mechanic, and thus do not know the answer. However, like most things, I wonder if anything is related to the 'quality' of the spark plugs. Also, when those are changed, is an oil change needed, too?
  12. circatee

    Front License Plate

    Front plate is OFF!. The fill ins are being coloured as we speak (Agate Black Metallic). Should be ready in a few days...
  13. circatee


    Welcome. What are those model 'wings' and such on the front of the car?
  14. circatee

    Some pics of my ST

    Which wheel nuts in particular? Do you have a link to them? I have been thinking about the Gorilla ones...
  15. circatee

    Front License Plate

    Not sure on which states, without checking Google. However, Georgia does not need it, and the surrounding states don't either. My car was purchased in Georgia (did not travel from another state; just a city around 40 miles away). So, not sure why Ford/Dealers installed the front license plate. Visitors to the forums from other states, can confirm if this is an issue that would generate a ticket...