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  1. Davidg716

    Lugging in low gears

    The 2.0L version only weights 3900, the ST weights 4400 but it has the 2.7L v6. It has plenty of power, its better than GMC putting a 193 hp motor in the 8 seater 4200lb Acadia.
  2. Davidg716

    Rotary Gear Selector

    I love the rotary shifter. One click for reverse, all the way over for drive. S button for more fun. Also have made a habit of pulling up, stopping and hitting Start Stop to auto shift to park. So nice.
  3. I have a 2020. It's got less than 1k miles on it and I noticed it as soon as I got on the interstate. My 2017 edge had the same issue.
  4. My new 2020 Edge has this issue too. I cant believe after nearly 10 years they still havent fixed this issue.
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  6. Davidg716

    12volt solutions remote start issue

    I can't figure it out. The startx obd module works great, I can not get the 12volt solutions one to work. It programs fine, but doesn't do anything when you press the start sequence, I even tried the other sequence incase they sent the wrong one. Don't know what else to try. Might just send the whole thing back and get a different brand, really want app support.
  7. Davidg716

    12volt solutions remote start issue

    Tried disconnecting the battery too as I had to do that to get the startx kit to work correctly. I've tried everything I can think of.
  8. Hey all, I'm. Having trouble getting the 12volt solutions LUL kit to program. I followed the instructions provided and all of the indicators on the unit seem to show it taking the programing but the car will not start remotely. Their customer support is very. Busy since mid December and j haven't been able to get an answer. Has anyone else used one of these that might have had to do an extra step that I might be missing or have any suggestions? It's a 2017 edge titanium. I know remote start works because I also have a startx obd port remote starter that does work, just looking to replace it with the 12v one instead. Thanks!
  9. This guy ft4j-19g367-aa He has a t-harness that is connecting him to the obd controller behind the steering wheel where you connect an aftermarket system like 12volt solutions. I'm assuming this is also what keeps setting off my alarm, I see there is a sensitivity adjustment knob on it that I need to turn down...
  10. My 2017 edge did not come with the package that included remote start but after poking around under the dash I found that it had a remote start module installed. It's it possible to activate this with forscan and use the fobs that came with the car using lock, unlock, lock?
  11. Something good to add is that when you press the start button with the new fob in place, the car will do absolutely nothing for a few seconds. Unlike the two previous button presses where it turns the dash on. This actually stumped me for a bit. This might be a good article to pin to this forum since the owners manual instructions are wrong.