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  1. bscott94

    FORScan Dashboard

    I want to use FORScan for logging until I get HPTuners. I'm able to find TPS, Oil temp/pressure, VSS, Boost, etc but I can't seem to find a few that I'd like to see. There are a lot of values for Air temp but does anyone know the correct ones for intake before intercooler and intake after intercooler (manifold intake temp?). I also can't find what I would expect to see for AFR/O2. I know the O2 sensor is wideband so I'd expect to be able to see AFR but I can't find the correct field. Any tips? Are there any other values that you like to use in the dashboard? Also, speaking of TPS, should it range from 0-100%? I think it's like 15% with the car off and no pressure on the pedal. And it only goes to ~85% when I floor it.
  2. bscott94

    Scratches in the paint

    I've really only used Adam's so I'm not sure how well others work. I would agree with using polish after compound but that would be to remove haze, not remove the scratches. The compound would/should remove scratches but leave micro scratches/haze which polish would remove. If compound didn't affect the scratches, it might require wet sanding. Using the drill would be more effective than doing it by hand so I would expect that you would see results doing it that way. Good luck! I hope you can get it taken care off.
  3. bscott94

    Scratches in the paint

    The picture is a little blurry but those don't look too bad. Does your finger nail catch when you rub it over the scratch? If so, polishing won't fix it. If not, you can try hand polish. I use Adam's Polishes but there are plenty of hand polishes out there that would work. Both of the products below can be used by hand and work very well.
  4. bscott94

    2016 Edge Rear Shock Torque Values

    Haynes says lower - 35 ft-lbs, upper- 76 ft-lbs, and "Piston rod nut" - 22 ft-lbs.
  5. I saw someone share an exhaust kit for the ST that include a video showing the sound. I notice the left screen shows boost. Is this a standard setting on the ST? Can it be enabled on a 17 Sport?
  6. They do. It's cool for the 'gram but annoying for those that care about their paint lol.
  7. I use Adam's Polishes. I have used the regular Ceramic Paint Coating on several client's cars but this will be my first time using the Graphene. I've heard it's easier to apply and is more resistant to water spots. I think this car saw nothing but automatic car washes it's whole life. There are swirls everywhere. It's going to look like a completely different car when I get it corrected.
  8. Got the car back a couple weeks ago but I just found time for a quick wash. I used the Red Unicorn Soap and dried with Cyber Monday Cranberry Detail Spray. It needs polished so bad. I cannot wait to find the time. Hopefully next week/weekend. I also debadged the back hatch. No more junk stuck around letters!
  9. 3/17/21 CarMax will be fixing the chipped/flaky paint along with all other scratches/chips/dings including curb rash on the wheels. This will delay my paint correction and Graphene Ceramic Coating but I will have a way better starting point when this is all complete. Stand by for before/during/after pictures.
  10. 3/16/21 I asked them not to touch the paint but they still put the bow on it. The hood is covered in scratches/swirls but so is the whole car. I knew it would need polished anyway. I plan on correcting the paint and using Graphene Ceramic on everything. I only had time to hand wash and spray wax before we left for the weekend but it cleaned up well. CarMax has to fix a few issues (see flaky paint below, hoping for a repaint) before I work on polishing and coating. I can tell it's going to look amazing when it's all cleaned up.
  11. I am also part of a detailing forum where I plan on doing a write up on paint correction, graphene ceramic coating, and maintaining the coating. I'll also copy my posts here. 3/16/21 Our Kia Forte was totaled around the end of January. We were looking for a smallish SUV. The top contenders were Jeep Compass and Mazda CX-5. I looked for Crossover/SUVs with Turbo Charged engines and this popped up. It was right at the top of our budget but I figured we could at least test drive it. I found a local Edge Sport in white to test drive before paying CarMax to transfer the red one. One wide open pull out of the parking lot was all we needed to decide on this car. We didn't even test drive anything else. The 2.7TT EcoBoost is amazing and with 29k miles, it's nearly new.
  12. bscott94

    Debadge - trade in and resell

    This is why I debadge. It's impossible to keep the paint clean around the little letters and logos.
  13. Ours wasn't working when we picked it up but it was raining and dark so I didn't really look over it much until the weekend. I would suggest stopping by a Ford dealer to see if they have any suggestions. It sounds kind of common so it might be a quick procedure to get it fixed up.
  14. Just got back from CarMax, hatch not closing was due to a sensor being unplugged? Weird, but it seems fixed now.
  15. Mine is doing the same thing. We just bought it from CarMax so it's going back to them today to check out. I thought I read something on here about a sensor being bad or aimed wrong and preventing the power close.