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  1. bscott94

    2017 Sport - Shark Fin Antenna

    Thanks. Is there anything that says whether or not the plastic fin shaped cover can be removed from the base? I know there are things between the fin and the base so there has to be a way to get in there. I don't know if they're screwed/clipped together or if they're glued together after the internals are installed.
  2. bscott94

    2017 Sport - Shark Fin Antenna

    Does anyone have any experience with this? It looks like the cover might screw onto the base so I might have some broken plastic where it screws together but I can't find any info
  3. I wish this info would've been available a few months ago. I got the aftermarket ones and removed the covers to replace the blue covers on the plastic that fits. It worked fine but just buying and popping in would've been preferred.
  4. 😃 I said the same thing to my fiance. I was going to buy it back, tune it and make it lower and wider. I think it would make it fun on a road course lol. If we had space to store a non street car, it would be highly considered. We also thought about buying it back, putting a bumper cover on it, and calling it "Rebuilt". It's on it's way to a new shop for a second opinion. We might just get it back repaired with a clean title.
  5. It might not be totaled after all. Our insurance sent someone to look at it and the damage to the left frame rail is so minor, he believes it can be pulled back into shape. He said he's seen it done before. He couldn't see any damage to the right frame rail but the shop claims there is. I think we are going to take it to a new shop to get a second opinion. Hopefully we don't have to wait another month for the next shop. Fingers crossed we get our ride back soon. It looks like most of the damage to the frame rail is just on the bumper reinforcement mounting surface which, based on the spot welds, is a part that can be removed and replaced.
  6. Found out our Edge is going to get totaled out yesterday. My fiance was rear-ended in stop and go traffic at a roundabout. It was super low speed but the body shop found the rear frame rails were bent so the quote went from $1500 to $33,000. I hope we can find another low mileage Sport to replace this one as we loved it. We are just waiting on insurance to review the new quote and give us our payout amount. Then we need to figure out how to pay off our current loan, get a new loan, find a new car, etc. Ugh. I thought we were done with this for a while.
  7. I was washing my car a few weeks ago and noticed the cover on the antenna is loose at the front of the fin. I've searched on here and only found antennas broken off completely. Does the cover pop on and off? Can I take it off and stick it back on with double sided tape or do I need to replace the whole unit for the cover to be mounted securely?
  8. bscott94

    Purge Valve and emissions warranty

    Definitely ask. There's no harm in that. But don't be surprised if they say it's not covered. It's fairly cheap and easy to fix so I wasn't super upset that they told me no.
  9. bscott94

    Purge Valve and emissions warranty

    I thought it should've been covered as well. I called the dealership and I think they said it basically just covers the cats. I bought a new part on Rock Auto for around $50 and it took like 5 minutes to install. Looking at 1004ron's attachment, it looks like the purge valve would only be covered for 2 years/24k miles.
  10. bscott94

    FORScan Dashboard

    I want to use FORScan for logging until I get HPTuners. I'm able to find TPS, Oil temp/pressure, VSS, Boost, etc but I can't seem to find a few that I'd like to see. There are a lot of values for Air temp but does anyone know the correct ones for intake before intercooler and intake after intercooler (manifold intake temp?). I also can't find what I would expect to see for AFR/O2. I know the O2 sensor is wideband so I'd expect to be able to see AFR but I can't find the correct field. Any tips? Are there any other values that you like to use in the dashboard? Also, speaking of TPS, should it range from 0-100%? I think it's like 15% with the car off and no pressure on the pedal. And it only goes to ~85% when I floor it.
  11. bscott94

    Scratches in the paint

    I've really only used Adam's so I'm not sure how well others work. I would agree with using polish after compound but that would be to remove haze, not remove the scratches. The compound would/should remove scratches but leave micro scratches/haze which polish would remove. If compound didn't affect the scratches, it might require wet sanding. Using the drill would be more effective than doing it by hand so I would expect that you would see results doing it that way. Good luck! I hope you can get it taken care off.
  12. bscott94

    Scratches in the paint

    The picture is a little blurry but those don't look too bad. Does your finger nail catch when you rub it over the scratch? If so, polishing won't fix it. If not, you can try hand polish. I use Adam's Polishes but there are plenty of hand polishes out there that would work. Both of the products below can be used by hand and work very well.
  13. bscott94

    2016 Edge Rear Shock Torque Values

    Haynes says lower - 35 ft-lbs, upper- 76 ft-lbs, and "Piston rod nut" - 22 ft-lbs.
  14. I saw someone share an exhaust kit for the ST that include a video showing the sound. I notice the left screen shows boost. Is this a standard setting on the ST? Can it be enabled on a 17 Sport?
  15. They do. It's cool for the 'gram but annoying for those that care about their paint lol.