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  1. hyperc32

    2017 Sport - Boost Gauge

    never heard of it guess i am that old would you happen to of a guide?
  2. hyperc32

    2017 Sport - Boost Gauge

    well i tried Air fuel gauge and boost vacuum neither would write in forscan
  3. hyperc32

    2017 Sport - Boost Gauge

    i have seen the option in forscan never enabled it but I can try it tomorrow and report back
  4. hyperc32

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    so, drill a 2" hole bottom intake and run pvc out the front bumper probably better? I mean it does look nicer
  5. how much longer 😁
  6. hyperc32

    Plugs and ptu fluid

    cool, good to know
  7. hyperc32

    Plugs and ptu fluid

    So I ordered up some NGK 95605 LTR7BHX is everyone gapping them at .28 ? And searching for some PTU oil everything is pointing towards redline due to the higher flashpoints is the superlight 75w-140 safe to use site only list the normal as being recommended
  8. hyperc32

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    So has anyone confirmed an increased airflow?
  9. Hey thanks for all the replies , Had couple crazy past weeks so haven't been forum active... I ended up buying the DDM canbus kit works great got only the 35 watt kit much brighter and 4500k temp the FOV has damn near doubled
  10. Sorry if the photos are not the best, service manuals really don't help never been beat by a bulb before LOL... Not even sure what my next step would be housing and all even says D3S , can the headlamp housing be taken apart or is it glued.. I see 1 torx and like 7 clips
  11. So I bought new D3S replacements and noticed my 2015 sports Headlamps are different then what I have seen off the web... Starters no ballast under the headlamp 2nd the wire to the bulb is a different connector and to top it all off there is no plastic collar to unlatch the bulb just a metal one?
  12. Sorry I got bored have you thought about doing the filter box with the snorkel connected to the top half and just use pins aka remove the 2 snorkel bolts when filter swap or service is needed.. either way good work
  13. I remember the easier days with my mustangs just removing the fender wall black plastic behind the airbox and running some a/c flex worked great... Dumb question of think of 3d printing it first? or just in general probably would keep the cost down?
  14. So when is this air box going on sale? and any idea on the cost?