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  1. MiamiHaze

    Newby in Florida

    pics lol. What part of Florida are you located at?
  2. does it make the turbos sound louder or is the noise the same. I miss the turbo spool sound on my acura tsx.
  3. yessssss!!! love it. Hopefully this all comes thru.
  4. I need more lol I check this thread everyday lol
  5. I cant wait for this to be on my car!!!
  6. MiamiHaze

    SDPUPILLO's 2016 Edge Sport

    congrats buddy. Just got a 16 sport myself and so far love it. Been wondering about a blowoff valve too. I really like the way my acuras turbo sounded and the blow off was really nice too. Our cars are dead silent
  7. Funny I was told the same thing. Apparently they are having trouble sourcing the brake hose line. And without a check engine light on I doubt they'll be able to pull out any codes for the evap.I wonder how hard it is to replace and dyi it.
  8. are we going to need a tune or running both stock of them on a stock tune be fine? I cant wait for this to go on sale. Ive help on my mods waiting for this 🤤
  9. mines does it right after fill up. It even shut off on me recently
  10. OMG this is so sexy. I Want 💳🔥 💳🔥 💳🔥
  11. Just started experiencing this on my 16 sport. As soon as I fill up and I would hit a stop it would idle like it wanted to turn off. Just recently it did die on me. I use top tier gas and stop filling once the gas stops once. I still got two months warranty. Also noticed a small oil leak by the pan. Will get that looked at aswell.
  12. MiamiHaze

    Finally Made A Purchase

    Love the color. Your story is very similar to mine. I went to look at a 18 sport and ended up taking home a 16 sport and love my ride.
  13. MiamiHaze

    First Time Ford owner

    Well first time Ford owner here. Came from Honda family. My last car was a 2005 TSX 6 speed. I had it modded with tein springs and a small turbo and a euro lip kit. Car looked stock. Now made the jump to a white 2016 edge sport awd. Im in love with the car but mods seem scarce for it. So far i ordered a JLT oil separator and hopefully I can purchase a fresh air intake mod from Xtra. Ive been looking for a aem Dryflo filter but cant find one for our model suv Anyways will post pics soon. Any south Florida members here?
  14. MiamiHaze

    First Time Ford owner

    What tires do you like?
  15. MiamiHaze

    First Time Ford owner

    Ha ha got it 👍
  16. MiamiHaze

    First Time Ford owner

  17. MiamiHaze

    First Time Ford owner

    Well here’s some pics. Will take better one once I start modding some. I wanted the black color edge but ended up with a white one. Love the look too. Here doing the first mod can anyone guess what it was?
  18. MiamiHaze

    2016 Edge Sport - My Build

    nice im in Broward. Cool to see some south floridians out here