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  1. sdpupillo

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I don't think you owe us any explanation. We appreciate your work and enjoy any updates you provide! Plus, give me some extra time to free up some funds to purchase one of these from you
  2. Welcome! Great looking car!
  3. sdpupillo

    SDPUPILLO's 2016 Edge Sport

    Thanks man! Congrats on your purchase as well! I haven't had a turbo car in years so I'd like a little turbo noise with the car. But, it is nice to have a car that's very quiet. Think I'll buy one in the next day or so, be fun to hear while the weather is nice and windows are down!
  4. What's up everyone! Our edge was delivered yesterday and I've spent a few hours going over it and put a few miles on it. Can say I'm happy with my purchase to this point. It's a 2016 AWD Sport with 69,5xx miles. Drives great, really quiet and isn't afraid to merge on the highway that's for sure. As you can tell, purchased the car through Carvana. Which was an easy process, but scary to have purchased sight unseen. Car shows it's years and mileage. Has some rock chips and light scratches, to be expected. The driver door B pillar panels show some cracking, and the window trim looks AWFUL if you ask me. I didn't expect perfection, but those will be my first projects. Overall, I'm happy with how the car performs, the cosmetic things will be address. Here's kind of list of things I'm looking to do to the car. Replace damaged window trims. Change PTU oil, who knows the last time it was changed. Service the panoramic sunroof. It's a little slow to open. Might be normal, but couldn't hurt to clean and grease up the tracks. Needs a paint correction, and good detailing overall. Cleans up nice, but needs a little more TLC. Some future mods I'm interested in. Free air mod and airbox that Xtra is making. Taking off the stick on window vents, and adding Weathertech ones with rear cargo mat. I'd also like the car area cover, if anyone has one they don't want/use Might be stupid, but have read about the Boomba BOV adapter. I know it's pointless, but would be fun to hear when I'm out being a goofball by myself. Tint Maybe some 21" wheels at some point. Like the look of them better, but that's pretty low on my list. Lastly, would like some advice for those with car seats in the back and not damaging the seat. When I was shopping around, lots of cars had permanent impressions in the seats. I'd like to avoid that if at all possible.
  5. sdpupillo

    Finally Made A Purchase

    Here's some pictures. Few imperfections, but nothing I can't live with. Only missing the 21" wheels, but I'm happy with everything else.
  6. sdpupillo

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Noobie here. Wanted say that you've done amazing work! Our new (to us) car won't be here for another week, but I'll definitely be interested in one of these! Keep up the great work!
  7. sdpupillo

    Finally Made A Purchase

    How's everyone doing? Been wanting to make the transition to something a little more appropriate for a daily driver in the past few years. With a little one on the way, our first, I had no choice. Finally found an Edge that I wanted, a 2016 Edge Sport. It's a little older that I wanted and miles are higher, but with inflated car prices, I bought what best suited our need. Lucky, it's loaded with more that I'll need amenity wise. Will be delivered to us next week and I'm very excited! Been browsing the boards for months so I'm happy I can finally post. I'll make a member thread in the appropriate section upon delivery. Any rate, happy to be here! Already eying that fresh air intake mod!