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  1. DBEDGE23

    Pics to Post

  2. DBEDGE23

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Another satisfied customer.... LOL! This fits nice and snug on my 2015 Ford Edge Sport FWD.
  3. DBEDGE23

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    That is great to hear! Lookin forward to the next update!
  4. Has anyone thought about or attempted to modify this CAI to work with the 2.7L Twin Turbo? K&N is suggesting that on the 3.5L version it will pick up 15.3 HP @ 5802 RPM & 13.1 lbft @ 3498 RPM Performance Air Intake System (knfilters.com) - 2015-2018 EDGE 3.5L I know we have had many attempts at CAIs and was wondering if this one has been tried! Thanks!
  5. DBEDGE23

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    Keep the good work! We are here to help!
  6. Coming Soon! I'm finishing up my build. I should have some more pictures and descriptions as the weather gets warmer.
  7. DBEDGE23

    Fresh Air Intake Mod

    I just PM'd you XTRA - Count me in.
  8. Hey everyone! 2015 Ford Edge Sport 2.7 TT - Just some quick pictures of my new exhaust midsection. X Pipe - into MRT mufflers that were already installed. Let me tell you no need to run any resonator with MRT mufflers. It sounds like someone open up the valves on a valvetronic exhaust. You can really hear what the MRT mufflers are suppose to sound like. Taking off from a stop is awesome with a nice deep tone. Sound clips - Idle-Rev-drive by are coming....Thanks!!
  9. DBEDGE23

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    So snmjim what are your thoughts about getting this created?
  10. DBEDGE23

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    Thanks for that offer. I live in Tennessee. 2015 Ford Edge Sport 2.7L FWD. I have attached a picture of my MRT Axle Back exhaust. Since I don't have AWD the pipes are closer together by the rear axle.
  11. DBEDGE23

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    So this is what I got back from Zury when I asked him about making the cat back section: Good morning, so we do everything custom to the car. We wouldn’t be able to produce and ship. If you are located close we can definitely do the this section but would need the vehicle. It wouldn’t require getting the downpipes/hiflo cats as well. I’m not too familiar with MRT exhausts, but whatever we make would be able to mate to current setup. If you have any further questions give us a call or text at 4435173810 Those were resonators provided by the customer. Which sucks because I would love to have this section.
  12. DBEDGE23

    Downpipes (2016 Edge Sport)

    So what is the price of this section and how do we order it? This is the Cat Back section correct? I assume it will bolt up to the stock Cats section/down-pipes? I bet this would sound awesome with the MRT Axle Back mufflers.
  13. No, rookie mistake. My wrench touch the positive side of the battery fuse block while taking off the negative side. I had the rubber boot off due to the install. I found the issue with the dash lights. When installing DaytimeBrightlights DRL I put the fuse back in slot 91 instead of 92. Everything is fine now. Thanks, DBEDGE23
  14. DBEDGE23

    Fuse Block - Positive Terminal Replacement

    I found the issue. When installing DaytimeBrightlights DRL I put the fuse back in slot 91 instead of 92. Everything is fine now. Thanks!