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  1. RBX QB

    Sync 4A Versus Sync 4

    ST is assembled in Canada, the the "A" is just for the pronunciation. Sorry, couldn't avoid that joke.
  2. Isn't there a recall in place having to do with this? NHTSA# 22S14/22V-151. Date on it is 2022-03-11. This shows up in my Ford Pass app: "APIM MODULE REPROGRAMMING DUE TO DISTORTED SCREEN", but I've had no issues with mine ('21ST 401A).
  3. I was just thinking of this guy... haven't seen him rip out an a-arm yet.
  4. RBX QB

    Swivel front passenger seat

    No experience with swivel seats... but there are running boards available for the Edge that might be of use. I added one to the passenger side of mine to make it easier for my father to get in/out. Because of the wide bottom edge of the door, it kinda disappears when the door is closed, but reduces the "step-in" distance in half for someone climbing in.